How to Replace a Car Hard Drive How to Replace a Car Hard Drive

What You'll Need
Phillips screwdriver
New hard drive

Car owners used to store and access digital media with digital video disc players installed in their vehicles before the advent of the car hard drive. With huge and cheap hard drive storage systems that are incorporated with great playback programming, many vehicle owners installed hard drives in their cars. This allowed them not only to store and play back audio files but also those that are in video format. Thus the need to insert and take out external media was taken out. However, hard drives can break down through constant use. To be able to save on professional fees, you can replace your vehicle hard drive by yourself.

Step 1 - Disconnecting the Power Source

Before removing your old hard drive, you must first disconnect the wires that connect your car computer to a power source.

Step 2 - Removing the Computer Cover

Computer panels are usually secured by Phillips screws. Remove them using a Phillips screwdriver and take out the panel to expose the hard drive. This should be located near the front part of the device.

Step 3 - Removing the Old Hard Drive

To ensure that you are removing the main hard drive, follow the drive ribbon. The connector for it should be blue in color. Remove the screws that secure the hard drive in place and take it out from its bracket. Disconnect it from the ribbon and take out the power plug from the hard drive.

Step 4 - Installing the New Hard Drive

Before installing the new hard drive, check its connectors for its jumper setting. Ensure that the plastic pin which can be found at the end of the hard drive is positioned on “CS”, which is cable select, or “master”. The settings for your new hard drive should be the same as that of the old one. Attach the ribbon to a plug that matches it on the hard drive.

Step 5 - Securing the New Hard Drive

Install the new hard drive in its slot, which should be near the front part of the case, or screw it on its bracket.

Step 6 - Replacing the Panels

Install the panels that you have removed previously once you are done with the hard drive installation using the same set of screws.

Step 7 - Formatting your New Hard Drive

If the new hard drive that you have installed is blank you need to format it first. Once it is done it is ready to be used in storing and retrieving audio and video files which you can enjoy while on the road.

Although the installation is simple and straightforward, it would be better for you if you could get the help of an expert if it is your first time to do the job. This will ensure that you do not do anything wrong that might damage your new hard drive and your entire car system as well. Make sure to disconnect the device before beginning the installation and always check your pin setting. If the setting is wrong, your car computer will not work. It would also be helpful if you could back up all your data before proceeding with the project.

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