How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch Part 2 How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, you removed the old ceiling fan pull chain switch. Now you’re ready to put in the new one. Be sure that you have the correct switch for your particular ceiling fan or all your work will be wasted. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 5 - Installing the New Switch

Before you can install the new switch, you’ll need to strip the wires you cut with the wire cutter. Use a wire stripper to remove insulation from the ends of them. As there’s not much room, don’t strip away much, just about ¼ inch, enough to connect with the wiring in the new switch.

Generally, you’ll just be able to pull away the insulation from the ends of the wiring in the switch. If you can’t, then use the stripper to remove about ¼-inch of insulation. Take the black wires from the switch and hold it next to the black wire from the fixture. Twist the bare ends of the wire together until they’re firm. Put a wire connector on top of the wires, tightening it so the wires are held securely. Wrap electrical tape over the wire connector. This gives increased safety.

Step 6 - White Wires

Having connected the black wires, you’ll need to repeat the motions to connect the two white wires. Hold them together, and twist the bare wire ends so they connect. Screw a wire connector on top, then cover that with electrical tape.

Step 7 - Chain

The new ceiling fan pull chain switch won’t come with a chain; you’ll need to use the old one. To set it in place, take the cap from the new switch. You should be able to put the threaded nipple of the chain into the hole quite easily. When you put the cap back in place and screw it into the nipple, the chain will be secure.

Step 8 - Assembly

With the new switch properly in place you’re ready to reassemble, the ceiling fan. Slide the fan switch to its proper position, ensuring that the chain can be pulled freely without sticking on the plate. Push the light fixture back into its place under the fan, lining up the screw holes after making sure that the wiring for the switch isn’t trapped in any way. Screw the plate holding the light fixture back into place.

Put the light bulbs back into the fixture. At this point, it’s good to test your handiwork and make certain that the ceiling fan pull switch is working. Switch on the circuit breaker. Turn on the light on the ceiling fan, then use the pull to test the switch in its different positions. Before switching off, use the fan on all speeds.

To complete the reassembly of the fixture, put the shave in place and secure with the bolt. Note that some shades won’t use a central bolt. Instead the shade will fit under a metal lip on the fixture and will be secured in place by a trio of small screws on the lips that need to be tightened. Tighten them fully or the shade can slip out.

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