How to Replace a Central Air Conditioner Fuse

  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-200
What You'll Need
Two pole 30 amp fuse
Fuse puller

An air conditioner fuse can easily blow off if the appliance is overused, particularly in the summer hot days. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace a central air conditioner fuse.

Step 1 - Be Prepared

When you start to feel the summer heat, go to your local hardware store and buy a couple of spare fuses for your central air conditioner. You will really appreciate if you have an available spare fuse when the A/C stops working in the afternoon. In addition, fuses are inexpensive, and you can even use them for other household purposes.

Step 2 – Check the Old Fuse

Before you change the fuse, check the old blown fuse. To do this, disconnect the air conditioner from the switch that is generally found in front of the compressor. Make sure that the circuit breaker is turned off, and open the fuse box to locate the fuse. Generally a two-pole, 30 amp fuse is used for central air conditioners, but it is always recommended to check first. Remember to turn off the thermostat before beginning the fuse replacement process.

Step 3 – Test

With both the circuit breaker and the thermostat turned off, you can work safely without any danger. Look for two cartridge fuses connected to a number of terminals. Use a voltmeter to test the wires from the disconnect switch by touching them with the meter probes. If no reading appears on the voltmeter, then it is safe to continue working.

Step 4 – Remove the Old Fuse

Once you can reach the fuses, use the fuse pullers to remove the blown fuse out of the box. Grab the fuse with the pullers and pull it out, and then recheck that you have bought the right fuse that matches the one you have just removed. If they do not match, go to the hardware store and take the old fuse with you so you won’t repeat the same mistake.

Step 5 – Install the New Fuse

Now that you have the right fuse, grab it with the pullers and push it into the clamps. Check if the other fuses are correctly installed as well, and then turn on the disconnect switch. Before you put the air conditioner in place, remember to turn on the circuit breaker and the thermostat. Then put everything back in place, and you should hear the wonderful sound of your central air conditioner again.