How to Replace a Ceramic Stove Top

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What You'll Need
New stovetop

Ceramic stove tops are very popular for their many advantages. They can be cleaned very easily and they do not get stained due to oil or acids contained in the food. They are very efficient and also look good. But the ceramic stovetops are fragile in nature and due to some accidental stress on them they might crack or break.

The ceramic stovetop also shows crack lines when they are used for several years due to continuous exposure to heat. When they are damaged you can always change the entire stove for a solution but you might also consider replacing just the ceramic stovetop. By doing so you can save a lot of money and you can replace the stovetop very easily.

Step 1 - Purchase a New Stove Top

For purchasing a new ceramic stove top it is best to contact the manufacturer directly. If you get the ceramic stovetop directly from the manufacturer for your specific stove then it will fit in perfectly and installing it becomes easier. You can go to the market and search for stovetops that will fit your stove perfectly but it becomes a hectic and very troublesome job to choose the correct one. So always try to contact the manufacturer and get it from them. Also, check if your stove is in the warranty period or not.

Step 2 - Uninstall the Damaged Stove Top

Generally, the ceramic stovetops are installed with four screws in the corner. Unscrew the damaged top very carefully and make sure the broken part does not fall off after unscrewing it. It is better to hold the broken part and then remove it at first by unscrewing the necessary screws. Once the fragmented section is removed, unmount the entire top. Be careful about the broken edges as they are very sharp in general.

Step 3 - Dispose of the Old Top

ceramic cooktop stove

The ceramic stovetops are large in size and so disposing of them becomes a very big problem. If you dispose of such a large piece of broken ceramic it takes a lot of places and also the ceramic cannot be reused for some other major reason. So for disposal, it is best if you break the large slab into small pieces and then wrap the small pieces in an old towel or rag and throw it away.

Step 4 - Install the New Stove Top

Place the new stovetop in position and align it properly. Another advantage of purchasing the stovetop from the manufacturer is you do not need to worry about the screw holes as the old ones fit in perfectly and once you place the cooktop properly all the four holes are aligned automatically. Before installing the new stovetop clean the frame properly.

Place the new ceramic stovetop in place and then use the screwdriver to screw it in place. Once it is installed, clean the top with a dry piece of cloth or sponge.