How to Replace a Corner Bathtub, Pt. 1

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What You'll Need
PVC pipe cleaner
PVC pipe cutter
PVC cement
Adjustable wrench
1x4-inch lumber
Pry bar
Scrap wood

A corner bathtub not only looks good, but it also increases the space in the room. If you already have a corner bathtub, you know all the advantages it offers. Eventually, you’ll need to replace it. It can be a big job; it’s more complex than replacing an ordinary bathtub. Any bathtub replacement is difficult, but a corner bathtub offers extra challenges. Follow these steps to remove a corner bathtub.

Step 1 - Preparation

You can’t install the new corner bathtub until you’ve taken out the old unit. Begin by turning off the water at the house mains. Run the faucets in the tub until they are dry. Allow the water to drain. Remove the side from the tub, which will let you access the water pipes.

Step 2 - Drain

Remove the drain cover using an adjustable wrench. Put the jaws into the drain, grip, and turn to unscrew until you’ve removed it. Use the adjustable wrench again to loosen the drain from the tub.

Step 3 - Faucets

Remove the bathtub faucets from the tub. Doing so will require going under the tub and using the adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts until you can work the faucets free. At the same time, you should loosen the bolt that holds the corner bathtub overflow cover in place. At this point there should be no fixtures attached to the tub.

Step 4 - Tub Surround

In most instances, the corner bathtub will have tiles around it. You’ll need to remove the tiles right above the tub in order to remove it. Work gently with a chisel and hammer to remove them. Use the chisel to remove the silicone that forms a seal between the corner bathtub and the wall. The tub will probably be held onto the wall with clips. You’ll need to loosen or remove these in order to carry on with the removal of the bathtub.

Step 5 - Removing the Tub

Use scrap wood for protection. Use a pry bar under the tub to start pulling it out. Be prepared to take some time over this and wear gloves to protect your hands. It will be very helpful if you have someone to help you on this, as a corner bathtub will most likely be too heavy for a single person to move.

Have 1x4-inch lumber on the floor by the tub. Move the tub so that you can use it to slide the tub out of the way more easily and save the bathroom floor from scratches. Take the old corner bathtub outside the house so you have room to work.

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