How to Replace a Cracked Sliding Glass Shower Door

What You'll Need
Glass Cutter
Duct Tape
Flat Table
Hand Gloves
Hammer with Wooden Handles

Sliding glass shower door is a stylishly modern and functional way of increasing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. They not only keep water away from the dry areas of your bathroom but are also easy to clean/maintain. Moreover, sliding shower doors come in a variety of designs which look neat and create an aura of safety for the user.

However, sliding glass shower doors can get cracked if not used carefully and in case that happens, it is mandatory to replace them which is a relatively easy process using the tools and steps descried here.

Step 1: Prepare your Door and buy the Replacement

Using a glass cutter, scratch the cracked glass. Tap the scratch with a screwdriver handle, from the other side of the glass, until the broken piece moves towards the frame. In other words, as the broken piece moves towards the frame, two cracks will become distinguished. Apply duct tape where these two cracks meet. Get the measurements of the glass that has been cracked. With the dimensions, buy the replacement from your local hardware store.

Step 2: Remove the Screen Door and Metal Piece

Usually, the broken glass is found within the fixed panel and to go about this cracked glass, remove the screen door and you should find a piece of metal at the bottom (running from the fixed panel to the side jamb) in which the slider locks. Pry the piece of metal by getting a screwdriver at the place where it meets up with the side jamb and it should come off with little difficulty.

Step 3: Get the Fixed Panel Out

Using a screwdriver, remove the three screws present in the fixed panel (at the top, bottom and center respectively). Once that has been done, hold the panel tightly and lift it straight up loosening the frame from its original position. This loosened panel can be easily worked out of the side jamb and holding the side rails, it can be lifted out of the bottom track and be pulled out of the top header too.

Step 4: Prepare the Glass

Lay the frame on a flat table and unscrew two nails from the opposite ends. Then remove the rubber edge that goes around the glass and clear off any glass shards from the rubber. However, see to it that you wear hand gloves during this step so as to protect yourself from any possible injury or accident.

Step 5: Place the Panel Back

Once the rubber is all clear lay the replacement glass on the table in such a way that one elongated and one short side is drooping over the edge. Now, install the rubber on these two respective sides and bring the pieces in line with the edge of the glass. Using the wood handle of a hammer, tap the frame onto the rubber. Slide the glass again, so as to cover the other two sides (which were previously not covered) with rubber and tap them on the frame. Lastly, fix the screws back at the edges and place the fixed panel back into the opening.