How to Replace a Crankcase Filter

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What You'll Need
New crankcase filter
Damp cloth
Air filter
Crankcase breather element

A crankcase filter is the filter in the crankcase vent. Cars today are designed to return the crankcase fumes back into the engine. The crankcase filter, also referred to as the breather filter, essentially captures the oil residue in the air that passes back into the engine.

However, the crankcase filter or breather filter needs to be replaced every so often. Replacing a crankcase filter is quite easy. You do not need to be a certified auto mechanic or have highly developed skills to replace a crankcase filter.

Step 1 - Locate the Air Filter Housing

To replace the crankcase filter, you first need to locate the air filter housing where the crankcase filter is situated. The air filter housing is located in front of the O/S corner of the engine bay.

Step 2 - Take out the Cover of the Air Filter Housing

Once you have located the air filter housing, start loosening the fasteners holding the cover of the filter housing. The fasteners of the air filter housing can be a clip, nut, or wing nuts. After loosening the fasteners of the cover, you can now pry loose the cover of the air filter housing. Clean the cover with a cloth to remove any debris stuck on the filter.

Step 3 - Remove the Air Filter Housing

Before you take out the air filter, make sure that you take note of the position of the air filter inside the housing. This is to ensure that you will be able to properly place the air filter in the housing after you are done. You can create a diagram of the air filter housing or snap a picture just to be sure. After keeping in mind the position of the air filter in the housing, you can now take out the air filter.

Step 4 - Clean the Air Filter Housing

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The air filter housing may have dirt deposits so take a few minutes to clean the housing. This is to ensure that no dirt particles or oil will be transferred to your new crankcase filter. Take out the air filter housing and clean it using a soft cloth or scraper. You also need to clean the interior of the housing from any debris or dirt particles stuck inside.

Step 5 - Replace the Old Crankcase Filter

Generally, you will find the crankcase filter inside the air filter housing. Once you have located the crankcase filter, remove the retaining clip on the filter. Then you can remove the filter and plastic housing. When everything has been removed, take out the old crankcase filter.

Before putting in the new crankcase filter, it is a good idea to compare the old one with the new to check if they are the same. You can now put in the new crankcase filter.

Step 6 - Put the Air Filter Housing Back

After placing the new crankcase filter, fasten the retaining clips and replace the filter and plastic housing. Put the air filter back in the same position as when you took it out. Place the housing cover of the air filter back on and screw the nuts back in place.