How to Replace a Cruise Control Switch

The cruise control switch on a vehicle is connected to its steering column allowing a constant speed to be achieved without having to have your foot constantly on the accelerator. A great number of these switches also have the indicator switches and headlight switches integrated into the lever that comes out from behind the steering wheel.

You can generally buy replacement switches from a dealership of your brand of car. In most cases, the only option that you will have available to you will be an original factory part specifically designed for your vehicle. The following instructions assume that the cruise control switch is installed on a lever along with the other switches coming out from the steering wheel column.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Set of Phillipp’s screwdrivers
  • Set of flat-head screwdrivers
  • Socket wrench and set
  • Steering wheel puller

Step 1 – Remove Steering Column Cover

Remove the screws that hold the steering column cover in place. The exact location of these screws will vary depending on your vehicle. In addition to that, the cover may be held on by retaining clips in which case it will also need to be carefully pried off the column.

Step 2 – Remove Steering Wheel

Not all cars require that you remove the steering wheel to replace the switch. If you do need to remove it, however, first open the hood of the car and locate the battery cables. Disconnect the negative terminal cable by loosening the retaining nut and completely removing the end of the cable from the battery.

Return to the steering wheel and remove the steering wheel cover. You will then need to pull away the airbag assembly and remove it by unbolting the bolts which hold it in place. Disconnect the airbag wiring as well. The steering wheel should be able to be removed by removing the bolt in the center using a socket wrench.  Use a steering wheel puller by placing it over the center of the wheel, threading the bolt through the center of the wheel puller. Tighten the puller bolt and the wheel should slide off the steering column.

Step 3 – Remove the Cruise Control Switch

Disconnect the two screws that connect the switch mechanism to the steering column. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove it entirely.

Step 4 – Install the New Switch

Connect the electrical connector that you removed from the old switch to the new switch. Mount the switch back onto the steering column by simply reversing the steps that you made to remove the old one, using the factory screws provided.

Step 5 – Put Everything Back Together

Replace the steering wheel and the cover by reversing the steps that you took to remove them. Use the factory-supplied mounting screws from before. When you have put everything back together, tightening the bolts and are satisfied that everything is complete, open up the hood of the car again and reattach the negative battery cable.  Your car should be ready to use again.