How to Replace a Damaged Terracotta Floor Tile

Terracotta flooring
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 45-60
What You'll Need
Grout mix
Putty knives or notched trowel
Screws or nails
Measuring tape

When you install terracotta floor tile in your home you'll be creating a beautiful setting. Terracotta floor tile is expensive but is worth the investment since it is a desirable look for potential buyers. Terracotta floor tile is not impervious to damage and can break. If this should happen to you then you will need to replace the tile. This is a job that is not difficult to complete and with a few tools can be done quickly. The article below will show you how to replace a broken terracotta tile.

Tile Selection

Even though terracotta floor tile appears to be the same there are variances. Take a piece of the broken tile to the home improvement store that sells terracotta floor tile. You will also need to measure the length and width of the floor tile. Armed with this information you can purchase the right terracotta floor tile. It has to be the same color and the same size as the rest of your tile so that it matches.

Remove the Old Tile

man installing tile

In order to replace a broken floor tile, you will need to completely remove the old tile first. You will be able to do this with a hammer and chisel but you will need to be very careful. One slip and you may damage other tiles. Place the tip of the chisel in the center over the tile and tap it gently to break the remaining pieces. You will do the same thing along with the grout as you want to have a surface that is as clean as possible. Work slowly and methodically to remove the pieces.

Floor Grout

You need a space that is as clean and flat as you can make it. The grout used on the floor to adhere to the terracotta floor tile is still present. Carefully chisel away at the grout until it is removed from the floor. Be patient as this can take a while to finish.

Check the Floor

Room with terra cotta tile flooring

A faulty floor can be the cause of breaking tiles. If the floor buckles as you step it can cause the floor tiles to crack. If the floor is loose then use nails or screws to secure it. Also, level areas that need it.

Replace the Terracotta Floor Tile

Put the adhesive on the back of the replacement tile by using a putty knife or trowel. Place the tile on the floor and press down in the center and along the edges to create suction. This will help the tile to adhere to the surface. Let the adhesive cure before continuing.


Apply the new grout to the edges of the terracotta floor tile. Use a finger dipped in water to smooth out the grout and make it even. Wipe away excess grout using a damp sponge after several minutes. Once the grout has cured (in a day)—apply the grout sealer.