How to Replace a Deadlock

What You'll Need
Deadbolt lock
Electric drill and bits
Wood chisel

Whether you’d like to replace your deadlock for aesthetic or security reasons (perhaps you’re changing the locks on your new house), it is a job you can do with very little hassle. Set aside some time to get it done and you’ll just need a few tools, a new deadlock and a little know-how. 

Step 1 – Choose a New Lock 

There are many different styles and finishes available in deadlocks. If you have a look at your chosen hardware store, you’ll probably find a plethora of choices. Choose one to match the look you’ve gone with for other knobs and locks in your home. Do not choose based simply on price. Quality is always important when it comes to something that functions as a safety device in your home. If you choose something cheap from a questionable manufacturer, you might find it malfunctions and you’re left out in the cold—literally. You can do some research online to find out what is available and what ratings they have been given. 

Step 2 – Remove the Old Lock 

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws on the old deadlock on the inside of your door. If you pay attention to how the old one is fitted while it is coming out, you’ll find putting the new one in a simpler task. Take hold of both sides, inside and out, of the deadlock and pull them apart. Then pull them away from the door. Try not to drop any of the pieces; screws can be hard to find once dropped. 

Step 3 – Put on your Deadlock Plate 

Get the new deadlock out and take care while putting the dead bolt plate or base into the hole in your door. Loosely fasten the screws into their slots as you secure the deadlock plate flush to the door.  If it is not flush, you’ll most likely have to rearrange the plate. If that doesn’t do the job, you might need to change the size of the hole. You can use a wood chisel to adjust the size of the hole. Once you are sure the deadlock is flush, screw it in tightly. 

Step 4 – Put on the Remaining Two Halves 

Take the remaining two halves and put them into the opening on the door panel. Make sure they are in proper alignment. If you have to, remove and realign. Screw them on tightly. 

Step 5 – Test it out 

To be sure that you aren’t going to lock yourself outside, provide yourself another entrance into your house. Then try out the new deadlock once or twice from inside and outside the door. If it does not malfunction, you’ve successfully updated your deadlock. However, set aside any warranty papers you’ve received in the package in case you need them at a later date.