How to Replace a Door Gasket on a Pellet Stove

A pellet stove.
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-60
What You'll Need
Replacement gasket
Gasket glue or cement (included with kit from manufacturer)
Putty knife
Wire brush
Flathead screwdriver
Cleaning solvent and a rag

Learning how to replace a door gasket on a pellet stove is an essential part of the stove’s annual maintenance plan. Pellet stoves burn wood at extremely high efficiencies by drawing large amounts of air through a tightly sealed chamber. However, if the gaskets on the stove door or glass fail, the seal will be broken and the stove will not operate as intended. Watch for signs of this by examining the flame and combustion chamber. The pellets should burn bright yellow or white with little soot build-up. If you notice soot, creosote, or a dark orange flame, inspect your door gasket for leaks. If you discover any, remove the door and replace the gasket.

Step 1 - Order Gasket Replacement Kit

Gasket replacement kits contain both the new gasket and a sealant to help install it. Order this from the stove manufacturer or buy a generic kit and cut it to size. Be aware that rope gaskets for stove doors are significantly different than glass gaskets.

Step 2 - Remove Door from Stove

Use the screwdriver to remove any trim pieces from the door and set them aside. Open the stove door and lift it straight off its hinges. You may need to wiggle it slightly to loosen it up. Set the door aside on a flat surface, wrapping it in the towel so it will not get scratched. If you also wish to replace the glass gaskets, loosen the retainers and lift the glass out of the door.

Step 3 - Remove Old Gasket Material

Beginning with a putty knife or screwdriver, scrape away all of the old gasket material from the gasket groove. Any leftover remnants of the old gasket will interfere with the seal of the new installation and defeat the purpose of replacement. After you have peeled off the large bits, use a wire brush to remove the small pieces. Finally, wipe the whole area down with a rag soaked in a solvent solution.

Step 4 - Install New Gasket

To install a door gasket, lay a small bead of the gasket glue or cement into the gasket groove. Then, simply drop the rope around the perimeter. There is no need to stretch it. If you are installing a glass gasket, there will probably not be any glue or cement, but rather a paper backing that peels off to reveal sticky tape. Replace the glass panel in the retainers after cleaning off the old gasket. Stick the new gasket around the edge of the glass.

Step 5 - Allow Glue to Dry and Reassemble

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for allowing the glue or cement to dry. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours. When it is dry, replace the door by sliding it back onto the hinges. Now test your pellet stove again to make sure there is a tight seal.