How to Replace a Door Gasket on a Shower

What You'll Need
Phillips head screwdriver
New door gasket

A door gasket is very important for every shower. The main function of a door gasket is to prevent water from seeping out of the shower stall. It is not ideal for water to escape the shower stall as it can lead to many problems. However, there will come a time when the gasket can no longer efficiently prevent water from coming out. Continuous exposure to water can weary it, frequent closing and opening of the door also tend to split the gasket. Since the gasket continuously rubs against the door frame, it can thin out over time and once this happens, water from the shower stall will eventually escape onto the floor.

Most bathrooms have linoleum or tile flooring. Once water comes in contact with either of these materials, the bathroom floor can become really slippery. Continues contact with water can also damage the flooring in time. Replacing the flooring system can be very expensive and tedious. Thus, it is important to immediately repair a wearied door gasket. While most people think that fixing a door gasket is difficult, it is in fact very easy and can be done personally within a few minutes. The following steps should be able to give a good overview of door gasket repair.

Step 1: Look for the Gasket’s Screws

Before fixing a door gasket, it’s necessary to remove it from its position. Door gaskets are usually mounted with screws which can be removed using a Phillip head outline. Look for these screws. Most screws can be found along the gasket’s length.

Step 2: Remove the Screws

Using a Phillip head screwdriver, turn the screw counterclockwise. Repeatedly turn each screw until it loosens and can be removed, one by one.

Step 3: Remove the Gasket

Carefully remove the line of gasket from the door. Make sure to remove every bit of the gasket. Peel off the remains if there’s any.

Step 4: Apply Silicon

Apply silicon along the area where the previous gasket was placed. Try to cover all areas where the new door gasket will be mounted. The mounting surface the replacement of the gasket is the side facing the door.

Step 5: Door Gasket Replacement

Put one side of the gasket opposite the door of the shower. The new door gasket also has the same holes as the previous one. Make sure that these holes are aligned to the holes on the frame. This is where the screws go in. If the gasket is in the wrong position, this can lead to it not performing its purpose well.

Step 6: Place the Screws Back

Using a screwdriver, place the screws back. One by one make sure that the each screw is mounted properly. Make sure that each screw is tightly fixed in their spots.

Step 7: Test the Door

Test the shower door and see whether the door gasket fits right in and there are no leaks.