How to Replace a Door Knob Spindle

What You'll Need
Philips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Lubrication grease
Plastic baggie
Replacement door knob spindle

A door knob consists of several components, including a piece called a door knob spindle. This is what connects the door knob on one side of the door to the knob on the other. To replace a spindle, you must find a company that makes them specifically for your door knob set as not all spindles will work with all door knobs. In most cases, it is easiest to replace the entire door knob as tracking down a door knob spindle for your door may be more costly and time consuming. Read on to learn how to remove and replace a door knob spindle.

Step 1 - Remove the Door Knob

Newer door knobs are easy to remove. Locate the screws on the door knob and remove them. This, however, is more difficult on older doors. There are several tiny screws on the door knob stem which attaches the door knob to the door knob spindle. Once the tiny screws are removed they should be placed inside a plastic bag because losing them is not an option.

You may come across a door knob that does not have any visible means of removing it. For this type, you need to closely inspect the stem. You will notice an area on the door knob stem that is silver in color. This is a clip that needs to be pressed in order to remove the knob. Use the flat head screwdriver and press down the clip. With the clip pressed down you can now grip the door knob and pull it off of the spindle.

Step 2 - Getting at the Spindle

The door knob spindle is the bridge between each of the door knobs. Once the first door knob is removed the second door knob simply need to be pulled away from the door. Removing the spindle will either mean pulling it out of the door knob of unscrewing the door knob from the spindle.

Step 3 - Replacing the Spindle

The spindle found in the door knob can be very specific to that door knob. It is important to measure the spindle to make sure you purchase the right length. If you are lucky enough to have a locksmith or fully equipped home store you can take your spindle to one of these and pick up the exact spindle that is needed. Or, at the very least, purchase a spindle that will work with your door knob. Once the old spindle is removed you simply have to insert or thread the spindle into the door knob. Add a squirt or two of the lubrication grease onto the new spindle.

Step 4 - Installing the Door Knob

Now that the new spindle is replaced you can now place the door knob back in the door. Place the door knob and spindle combination in the door. While holding it in place put the other door knob on the spindle then tighten all of the screws.