How to Replace a Drop Leaf Table Leaf

What You'll Need
Tool box
Table manual
Measuring tape

Thanks to space crunch, all of us have to make do with a 4 or 6 seat dining table or a drop leaf table. During festivities when friends and families drop in it is obvious that your dining table seems small. At such crucial moments one yearns for a bigger dining table. This can be done with the help of leaf tables. Most table manufacturers understand the problem faced by consumers and provide such easy solutions. All that one needs to do is add a table leaf and elongate the table to fit in extra guests. The best aspect about replacing a drop leaf table leaf is that it can be done easily with out seeking any professional help. 

Step 1 - Study the Table Manual

Each dining table comes with a manual that illustrates the steps involved in mantling it or dismantling it. Similarly, the manual also tells you how to unlock the dining table. Use the tool box to dismantle the screws used to lock the dining table. The best way to dismantle the table is to ask your helper to stand on the other side of the table while you unlock it.

Step 2 - Clear the Surrounding Area

Clear the surrounding area. Needless to say once you unlock the table it would increase in size and need more space. It would be advisable that you move the surrounding furniture’s to make adequate space to fit the table.

Step 3 - Pulling the Table

Once the surrounding area is cleared and the table unlocked, pull the table from both ends so that the lock opens and the table elongates. Ensure that your helper and you pull both ends of the table at the same time.

Step 4 - Measuring

Use a measuring tape to ensure that the gap between both the ends of the table created by your pull is adequate to fit in the table leaf. If not, use force to increase the gap to the desired measurement.

Step 5 - Placing the Table Leaf

Now, that the gap is created, place the table leaf in the gap. Check the sides of the table leaf for protruding ends. These protruding ends are supposed to fit into the holes on the side of the table. Read the manual carefully to ensure that all the pegs easily fit into the desired slots. Remember that unless the extra table leaf is properly placed and firmly held your table would topple. In such cases, the whole purpose of elongating the table will not be served.

Step 6 - Lock the Table

Once the leaf has been placed ensure that you lock the table as per the manual. Use the screwdriver in the tool box to firmly hold the table.

Step 7 - Testing the Table

Keep some objects on the elongated table to check if the dining table is strong enough to withstand the weight of the objects placed on it.

Step 8 - Setting the Table

Once the sturdiness of the elongated dining table is ascertained, place it at its proper place and keep the chairs around it.