How to Replace a Dryer Vent and Hose

attaching a dryer hose to the vent
  • 5-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-1,000
What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Metal duct collar
Exterior dryer vent
Metal shears
Drilling machine
Metal screws
Duct tape
Dryer vents hose
Metal clamps

When a dryer vent and its hose get clogged with lint, it can pose a serious fire hazard. In addition to preventing fire, cleaning the dryer vent or replacing the hose helps in increasing the dryer’s efficiency. Most importantly, this is not difficult to do and you can do it yourself without having to spend much money, especially in hiring any professional. In nutshell, the benefit obtained by replacing the clogged or torn hose in terms of safety and efficiency is more than the cost that you would incur in doing so. Hence you are advised not to delay the replacement if the need arises. Here's how you do the job.

Step 1 - Inspect the Current System

Inspect the current ventilating system of your dryer. This consists mainly of a hose that runs from the dryer’s back to a vent attached to building's exterior. You will need to replace the old, cracked, or damaged materials.

Step 2 - Purchase the Material

You can choose to purchase either the individual materials or an all-inclusive kit.

Step 3 - Individual Materials

The individual materials include an exterior dryer vent that prevents the critters from entering, a rigid metal, a duct collar, and an aluminum hose.

Step 4 - Locate Metal Clamps

Locate the metal clamps or the duct tape to attach the hose to dryer, and the metal duct collar that leads to exterior vent. There may also be a plastic sleeve already attached to the hose you bought.

Step 5 - Vacuum the Dryer Vent

Remove the existing exterior vent and vacuum the opening to remove any clogged lint and to clean the dryer vent.

Step 6 - Mark Holes on Wall

Check the fitting of the new vent into the exterior opening. To fix the vent to wall, mark locations for the holes on wall.

Step 7 - Cut the Collar

The length of the new collar should be same as the old collar. If the new one is longer, cut it using the metal shears.

Step 8 - Place the Collar and Vent

dryer vent mounted to a wall

Now, insert the collar into the vent and fix the vent into the exterior opening.

Step 9 - Fix the Vent to Wall

Use a drilling machine to make holes in the wall as per the markings made earlier. Using the screws, fix the vent to wall. Use the appropriate hardware for the type of wall you have.

Step 10 - Apply Caulk

To seal it properly and prevent any leaks, apply caulk around the wall and vent seam.

Step 11 - Replace the Hose

Now, replace the existing hose with a new one. The total number of bends and twists in the hose from dryer to vent should be as low as possible.

Step 12 - Secure the Hose

Use either the metal clamps or the duct tape to fix the hose at either end.

That's it; you have successfully replaced the dryer vent and hose, and saved some money by doing the job yourself.