How to Replace a Drywall Corner Bead How to Replace a Drywall Corner Bead

What You'll Need
Paint scraper (to remove loose compound)
Drywall compound
Drop cloth
Drywall texture spray
Putty knife
Fine grit sandpaper
Matching wall paint

The drywall corner bead is the most usual spot for drywall to show damage from wear and tear. Drywall is basically crushed minerals. It is durable, but over time can show signs of aging. Being the most exposed part of the drywall; the drywall corner bead can crack and get dents in it, causing your wall to look quite unflattering. Before you decide to pick up that phone and call a professional handyman (or handywoman), read these steps and see how easy it is to do it yourself.

Step 1 - Remove Furniture from the Area

If there is any furniture in the area, it would be wise to move it. You would not like to get drywall compound, wall paint, or primer on your beautiful furniture. If you do, it may be very hard to get it off. Also, remove any pictures, mirrors, etc. that you have hanging from the wall. Since you will be priming, painting, etc., you do not want to get paint on anything.

Step 2 - Remove Loose Drywall Compound

Use a paint scraper or putty knife to remove loose drywall compound from the wall. Don't remove any more than necessary.

Step 3 - Secure the Bead

Look at the bead to see if it needs reattachment. If the drywall corner bead does need to be reattached, carefully hammer the nails back in place. Take it easy so you don’t hit yourself or create more dents in the bead.

Step 4 - Apply Compound

Use the putty knife to spread a layer of drywall compound over the area of the wall that is damaged. Make sure the layer is thin. Let the compound dry completely and then repeat this step until the drywall compound is even with the wall.

Step 5 - Sand the Wall

Using the fine grit sandpaper, sand the compound until it is smooth and flush with the wall. This ensures that the finish will go on smoothly and you will have an even surface.

Step 6 - Add Finish to the Wall

Add drywall texture finish. This should match the surface.

Step 7 - Prime and Paint the Wall

The next steps in this process are quite simple. The first is to prime the drywall and let it dry. After this has been done, it is time to paint the wall in the color of your liking. If you've done a good job of patching the drywall corner bead you shouldn't be able to tell where the repair was made.

Step 8 - Move Back Furniture

All you need to do is move all furniture, mirrors, pictures, etc. back into the room. This is great if you ever wanted to rearrange the furniture.

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