How to Replace a Formica Coutnertop How to Replace a Formica Coutnertop

What You'll Need
Claw hammer
Wrecking bar
Miter saw
Wood edging
Replacement countertop or tile
1/2-inch plywood

You might want to replace the Formica countertop with tile or any other Formica counter top that you like. Many people replace Formica and install any other type of kitchen counter top or even use concrete. Replacing the old Formica countertop is not a very difficult task and you can easily do it by yourself. Before going for another countertop you must check the prices of various other material and other countertops before finalizing one.

Step 1: Removing the Old Formica Countertop

The Formica countertop is generally attached with glue on the ply board of the countertop. For removing the old counter top you need to use a wrenching bar. A claw hammer will also perform well here. If there is any wooden edge present then you must remove it also. Now for removal of the Formica you must check where it is loose and can come off easily. Use the wrenching bar in this week spot and slowly remove the entire Formica. While using the wrenching bar be careful not to damage the ply board on which it is attached. Once the Formica is removed completely, dispose of it.

Step 2: Damaged Plywood

If the Formica was glued very strongly then the plywood might get damaged at places. You must repair and replace the plywood where it is damaged. If most part of the plywood is damaged then it is better to remove the plywood and put 1/2 inch plywood in its place. 1/2 inch plywood sheets can be easily purchased from any home store. You can also use 1/4 inch plywood.

Step 3: New Countertop

After the Formica is removed completely and the surface is ready, measure the length and breadth of the counter top. After noting down these measurements carefully you can buy a suitable countertop from any home improvement store. Purchasing the new countertop depends on your budged and your choice. You might also replace Formica with tiles. For this you have to do the calculation and purchase the number of tiles required.

Step 4: Preparation

Before fixing the new countertop or tiles clean the plywood surface using a broom and remove any loose slivers. Now for the edging, use the miter saw to cut wood edging and fix them in place using finishing nails. Using wood putty, finish the nail holes and seal them. For installing the new countertop, apply glue on the surface of the plywood. Use a trowel to spread this glue uniformly on the surface of the plywood. Be careful that the glue is not concentrated in few places only.

Step 5: Installation

If you are installing tiles then before applying the glue you must lay the tiles and plan the layout accordingly. Once the glue is applied, place them in position and make sure the edging is perfect. For installing a new countertop, place the new countertop on the glued surface and press down. Using a sponge wipe out any excess glue.

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