How to Replace a Furnace Draft Inducer Blower

What You'll Need
Replacement Furnace Draft Inducer Blower

If you have an aging furnace, then you might want to replace some of the parts, such as the draft inducer blower. This is a particular device that is only found on some kinds of furnaces, and can easily be confused with other parts of the furnace technology. A draft inducer blower is only found on an electronic ignition furnace, usually gas run. The blower responds when the furnace is switched on, and the thermostat indicates that more heat is needed. Replacing this part is not very difficult, and can easily be accomplished by simply removing the old one and fitting in the new one.

Step 1 - Purchase the Part

Have a good look at the furnace draft inducer blower that exists inside your furnace. Despite the simple nature of the machinery, it is a fact that there are a great many different types of blower on the market. In order to ensure that you get exactly the right model for your particular furnace, as a different model may cause complications. In order to get the right kind of model for your machine, you may want to speak to the manufacturer of your furnace. It is not always the policy of manufacturers to supply these kinds of parts, so you may also have to look around electricity stores.

Step 2 - Turn off the Power

Next, you should turn off the electricity and gas supply to the furnace, and wait at least two hours for it to cool down. The furnace can be very hot when the power is turned off, and the two hours are necessary so that the furnace is cool enough for you to touch it. You should then open up the furnace access panel, which is usually held to the side by a bolt or a screw. Remove whichever is holding the access panel in place, and then locate your blower.

Step 3 -Remove the Draft Inducer Blower

The next step is to remove the blower. You may have to take out the whole of the blower, which should be located attached directly to the wall of the furnace. This is usually held in place by a small screw, which can simply be taken out and removed. Follow this by taking out the blower assembly, and extracting the inducer blower, including discarding any wires. You should discard this part in the trash.

Step 4 - Install the new Draft Inducer Blower

You can now install the new draft inducer blower. First, fit it into the assembly, and place this back into the furnace. You should ensure that the blower is correctly connected up to the furnace, following the example of the previous blower. Screw the assembly back in place, and then close the access hatch on the furnace, and screw this down. You can then turn the furnace's electricity supply back on.