How to Replace a Garage Door Opener Belt

What You'll Need
Socket Wrench
Nut Driver
New Belt
Step Ladder

The garage door opener belt is an important part of the workings inside the opener. When the belt is not working correctly the door will slip, fail to open, or come crashing down. This is dangerous to anyone standing close or for vehicles driving under the door. Changing the garage door opener belt does take some time, and requires basic tools and patience. If the belt on your garage door opener needs to be replaced, here are the steps to take for an easier task.

Step 1: Unplug Garage Door Opener

Before you begin to do any work on the garage door opener belt you will need to make sure that there is no power running to the motor. Unplug the garage door opener from the outlet that it is plugged into. 

Step 2: Position Step Ladder

You will be working over your head the majority of the time. When adjusting a step ladder to the different areas you will be working, make sure that it is on a level surface and that the area is free from any obstacles on the floor. Also, work with a step ladder that is tall enough so you can stand comfortably at should level with the garage door opener. 

Step 3: Remove Track Assembly

Disconnect the forward retaining bolt from the roof mounting bracket and rail assembly. This is the front of the railing nearest to the garage door.

Step 4: Lower Railing to Floor

Carefully lower the rail assembly to the floor without twisting it. You may find that you need to also lower the motor unit of the pulley in order for the rail to rest on the floor.

Step 5: Release Belt Tension

The garage door opener belt is held in place with the help of a tension lever. This lever is usually positioned near the motor end of the opener. Locate the tension lever and depress it so that the belt tension will be eased.

Step 6: Disconnect Pulley from Carriage

Some garage door opener pulleys are connected to the carriage that is moved to lift and lower the door. They may be attached through screws, bolts, or retaining clips. Disconnect these items from the pulley.

Step 7: Remove Old Belt

Once everything is disconnected, slide the belt over the pulley and the gears near the motor assembly. The belt will then be able to slide down the railing and off the opener. 

Step 8: Install New Belt

Side the new belt over the railing to the pulley and gear area. The teeth of the belt should be facing inward so that they will be engaged into the gears. Connect the carriage assemblies, or other items, you disconnected. Set the tension on the belt that that there is little slack.

Step 9: Reinstall Railing

Once the belt has been replaced, reinstall the railing to the front mounting bracket. Place a level of the rail to ensure that it is set in the correct position. Connect the motor assembly and plug in the garage door opener. Test out the pulley a few times to make sure that it is set to the correct tension.