How to Replace a Garage Door Spring How to Replace a Garage Door Spring

What You'll Need
Garage door spring
Socket or wrench set
Winding rods
Tape measure
Step ladder
Safety gloves
Safety glasses

The garage door is opened and closed via the use of a garage door spring. These devices are simple, but also very powerful, and from time to time it is inevitable that they should break or become otherwise damaged. If you need to replace the garage door spring, then you can choose to call in a professional engineer, who will be able to replace your door quickly and safely, or you can choose to try and fix the problem yourself using a few basic hand tools and a set of instructions. This is quite a complicated procedure, so check that you are following the instructions, and replace the garage door spring as safely as you can.

Step 1 - Get the Right Garage Door Spring

Before you even begin to replace the spring, you will need to get a suitable match for your existing, damaged, spring. Measure carefully the garage door spring which has been damaged, and then make a note of the size and weight. You will need to get an exact match of the spring in order to carry the weight of the door, and you must also take care to replace it with one of the same size and shape. You should take advice from your local repair shop, and also check out Internet sellers. You may be fortunate, and find one which exactly matches your garage door spring.

Step 2 -  Remove the Broken Spring

Put on your safety glasses and goggles before you begin replacing the garage door spring. Prop the garage door open, so that you can get in and out while the door is not working. Start by taking off the broken garage door spring. Remove the end grips, which look a little like traffic cones. You will need to remove these using your wrench, and will be best to stand on the step ladder so you can unscrew this at head height. Once these parts have been removed, your spring can be easily extracted from the top of the garage door.

Step 3 - Add the New Spring

Once the old spring has been taken off, put the new spring into its place, and then hold it in position using the end grips. With your winding rod, tighten up the spring so that it is tense enough to hold the door in position as you wind it up and down. You should be able to secure them into position yourself, but should follow the manual for your garage door when adding tension.

Step 4 - Ensuring Safety

When you have put the spring into place, you should then examine the rest of the garage door spring and assembly, in case of other damage. Check the position of the garage door remote, so that you can easily open and close the door. Step out of the garage, and use the remote once or twice to check the power of the spring. Add lubricant to the edge of the spring before leaving.


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