How to Replace a Garage Door Track

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 70-80
What You'll Need
Replacement garage door track
Rubber mallet
Screwdriver set
Marking pen
Garage door lubricant spray

If the garage door track for your garage door is damaged it can prevent the door from properly opening and closing and will need to be replaced. Replacing the garage door track is not that difficult; however, it is somewhat labor-intensive and will take some time. Also, you will probably need someone to assist you because garage doors can be heavy. Nevertheless, here is a how-to guide that will show you how to replace a garage door track.

Step 1 - Order Replacement Track

You will need to order a replacement track for your garage door. So, contact the manufacturer of the garage door or visit the home improvement store where the garage door was purchased and purchase the correct track.

Step 2 - Remove Rollers and Hinge Pins

Remove the roller and hinge pins from the track where they are attached to the door. Some garage doors may allow you to pull the pins out of the rollers themselves, and other garage doors will require that you unscrew the roller pin brackets and remove them from the door.

Step 3 - Remove Springs

Remove the spring that is used to keep the garage door open when it is pulled up.

Step 4 - Move Door

Attempt to push the garage door out of the way without damaging the hinges are roller pins on the other track. If this is not possible, you'll need to remove hinges and pens on the side of the door as well and then set the door aside until it can be reinstalled.

Step 5 - Mark Location of Old Track

Before you remove the old track, take your marking pen and make lines just above and below the track on the studs or wood that support the track. This will help make it easier to align the new track.

Step 6 - Remove Track

Remove the screws from the track that secure it to the wall. When removing the screws, start at the bottom and work your way up and around to the end of the track. This will prevent the track from falling down on you while you're working.

Step 7 - Align and Screw-in New Track

Have someone help you align the track with the marks that you made earlier. Screw-in the screws on either side of the top portion of the track, but do not screw them in completely. Use the level to make sure that the track is properly aligned. Once you're satisfied that the track is level, continue inserting screws to secure the track to the wall.

Step 8 - Position Door

Again, have your assistant help you reposition the door so that the hinges and rollers can be reinstalled on the door and track.

Step 9 - Re-install Rollers and Hinge Pins

Replace the hinges and roller pans by screwing them back into the door and make sure that they are fitted properly in the new track.

Step 10 - Lubricate Rollers and Track

Use the garage door lubricant spray to lubricate both the hinge rollers and the track itself. It is a good idea to also lubricate the other track, even if it's not being replaced.