How to Replace a Garage Skylight Window How to Replace a Garage Skylight Window

What You'll Need
Pry bar
2 by 4-inch board, 4 feet long
10d nails

A skylight window in the garage is a great way to bring natural light into what is usually a very dark room. But if the skylight becomes damaged for some reason, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not that big a job, and it’s one that can be undertaken by anyone, even without any special construction knowledge.

Step 1 - Removing Old Skylight

To remove the old skylight window, begin by raising the shingles beneath the skylight. Push the board under them and nail it in place. This will be your platform for working on the roof so you won’t slip.

With the claw end of the pry bar, remove nails from the shingles all around the skylight window. Take off the shingles and set them aside from the replacement skylight window. Now run the tip of the pry bar between the skylight and roof to break the caulk seal. Put the pry bar under the top of the window and gently ease up. Continue to lift with your hands until you’ve taken out the old skylight window.

Step 2 - Selecting a New Skylight

When selecting a new skylight window, the easiest thing you can do is to buy one that’s the same size as the old one. This will require no extra cutting and the new one should simply slide into the existing opening. Have the correct measurements and look at the hardware store. See what’s available and what will suit your garage.

Step 3 - Fitting the Skylight

After unpacking the new skylight window, you’ll need to fit it into the opening on the roof. Check that it fits easily and then remove again. Turn the window over and run a wide bead of caulk all around the lip of the skylight window. Fit the skylight window in place and push down so that the caulk forms a good seal all the way around. There will also be holes in the lip for you to nail the skylight window this. This gives extra security so the window can’t move.

Step 4 - Flashing

Although the caulk, with shingles on top, should eliminate the possibility of water entering the skylight window, adding flashing over the top lip can make it even safer. Cut a piece of sheet metal to the width of the window. Put caulk under it, and then nail in place above the window, overlapping the lip.

Step 5 - Shingles

With the skylight window secure in place you should start to replace the shingles all around the window. Where any of the shingles have been damaged, use new ones. Start from under the window and work upward, ensuring that the shingles above overlap properly. You can use a thin bead of caulk between layers of shingles, where they overlap, to lessen any chance of water seepage. Finish off by prying the board off the roof and settling down the shingles.

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