How to Replace a Garage Wall Panel

wood wall paneling
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Caulking gun
Powdered caulk
Finishing nails
Garage wall panel
Panel adhesive
Circular saw
Tape measure
Small pry bar

A garage wall panel can significantly improve the strength of your garage as well as its appearance. Over time, a garage panel can become worn, so you will want to remove it and then replace it. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace that garage panel you removed.

Step 1 - Size the Panel

Use your tape measure to determine the size of the garage wall panel you need. This is easily done by measuring the panel you want to remove.

Choose a thickness for the new panels that is at least 3/8-inches. This prevents the need for a wall board but also allows you to install them directly to the frame. Manufacturers of the garage wall panels will typically adhere to three standard sizes which are all four-feet long but vary at eight, nine, and 10-inches wide.

Step 2 - Remove the Old

old wall paneling

Removing the old garage wall panel is a snap. Locate the panel (or panels) you wish to remove and then find the seams. The panels are connected directly to the frame of the garage with nails. Use your pry bar and place it in the seam. You may need to gently tape it in place with a hammer. Apply leverage to pull the panel away from the frame. Continue along the perimeter of the panel until you can remove it.

Step 3 - Fit the Panel

If you measured correctly, the garage wall panel you purchased will fit perfectly where the old one was. If your garage is larger and you need to stack pieces then you will need to know how to cut the paneling. Measure the area that you need to cover and transfer it to the back of the panel. Use a clamped straightedge and cut along the line with a circular saw.

Step 4 - Install the Panel

staining wall paneling

You want your garage wall panel to stay put for a long time. You will be using a combination of 4d finishing nails and construction adhesive. Put the adhesive into the caulking gun, and then apply it to the studs of the garage frame. Place the garage wall panel and press it in place using even pressure.

Begin at the top of the panel, and place one 4d nail through the panel and into the stud. Repeat for each of the other corners. You will then place one finishing nail every 16 inches along the stud.

Switch the adhesive for the caulk and fill in the seams. This helps to prevent airflow into the garage and aids in the adhesion to the frame and the other garage wall panels.

Step 5 - Stain

When the garage wall panel is in place, you can stain it. Choose a color that best matches the rest of the panels. Apply the stain using a standard paintbrush or a foam brush. Once the first layer has dried, you will need to add another layer. If you want a darker color, you can add additional layers.