How to Replace a Garden Fountain Pump

What You'll Need
New Pump
GFCI Electrical Outlet
Screw Driver
Universal hose clamp

Replacing a garden fountain pump is not a very difficult task. You only need to bear a few things in mind and take note of the certain order in which the tasks need doing, and you will easily get the job done. Not all fountain pumps are the same. The following information is for under water pumps.

Step 1 – Power

Before you proceed to remove the old pump, make sure the power supply is disconnected. Your old pump should already be plugged into a GFCI socket, so just pull that out and make sure there is no power flowing to the pump.

Step 2 – Removal

Remove the old pump from under the water line. It will normally sit on top of a brick or large flat stone. Make sure it hasn’t become tangled in any plants or growth under the water, and remove it from the fountain.

Step 3 – New Pump

Place the new pump in the place where the old pump sat. Hide the wiring in convenient areas so they can not be seen from the water. Use the universal hose clamp to secure the pump tubing to the motor, and tighten with the screwdriver.

Step 4 – Testing

Test the pump by plugging it into the GFCI socket. The water should flow freely and steadily to perform its normal function.