How to Replace a Gas Dryer Valve

What You'll Need
A crescent wrench
A pipe joint compound
A new gas dryer valve
A spray water bottle

Gas dryer generates heat from a burner assembly and the assembly consists of 3 essential parts: gas dryer valve, igniter and flame sensor. The possible cause that your gas dryer suddenly halts functioning may lie within these 3 parts. Even if there is only one part that is malfunctioning, the overall performance will still be low either low or no heat at all and slow drying performance. There are other appliances that also use gas valve which manage the in and out flow of gas. Nevertheless, despite the difference in functionality they are still powered by the same gas energy and use gas valve. Gas valves are prone to leakage problems which is dangerous as it can start a fire or cause an explosion.  This article will show you how to replace a gas dryer valve by yourself in little time around 30 to 45 minutes. Check your local laws as there are local laws that may need you to seek professional advice when conduction replacement on gas related energy. Also gas valves cannot be repaired they can only be replaced if proven defective.

Step 1 – Turn Off the Gas Valve

Turn off the gas dryer with a clockwise direction. Also turn off any working gas valve on the same gas line to totally eliminate the gas from running to the bad valve.

Step 2 - Remove the Bad Valve

Make use of the crescent wrench to take away the bad valve. Remove the valve thoroughly and with care to avoid greater damage on the pipes. Don’t twist the pipes because this will result to another leak.

Step 3 – Attach the Replacement Valve

Fasten the pipe joint compound first around the boundary of the pipe before attaching the replacement gas dryer valve. Again be reminded to do this step with care. Now after attaching the valve, lightly rotate the gas valve until it is tightly secure and leave it on off position.

Step 4 – Test the Gas Dryer

You may now turn the gas back on and spray some water on the line and area surrounding the valve, use the water spray bottle to help you do this. Spraying the valve will serve as a testing if the replacement don’t have any leaks. If you don’t see bubbles around the area where you spray then it is confirmed that the new valve has no leaks.

If you are not confident to replace the gas valve then you may try to seek assistance from an experienced repairman to do this for you. Also if the problem persists even if after replacing the valve then you should also check the other parts such as the igniter and flame sensor. Eventually you will have your gas dryer functioning properly in no time.