How to Replace a Gas Fireplace Blower

What You'll Need
Fireplace manual
Replacement Blower
Paint Brush

A gas fireplace blower can be installed on top of a gas fireplace. Some people believe that a blower can help to improve heating efficiency and warm a room more quickly. So many gas heaters are already installed with blowers and a homeowner may not even realize that they have one, until the gas fireplace blower breaks down. This can be done through a gas appliance professional, or you can try and replace it yourself. Following are a few simple guidelines that can help you to replace your gas fireplace blower quickly, and without complications.

Step 1 - Turn Off Your Fireplace

The first step is to ensure that your fireplace is turned off at the mains, and preferably unplugged. You should also ensure that your heater is completely cold to the touch, and not emitting residual heat. Ideally, you should have turned off your heater 24 hours before attempting any repairs on it. If you try and replace your blower before the heater has cooled, you can find your tools melting to the heater, which will be very frustrating. Turn off the pilot light at the same time.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Blower

Before you remove the blower, spread out the tarp on the floor below the heater. This will help to catch any dust or debris caught in the blower motor or fan. The blower can be reached through your gas heater's access panel, check your gas fireplace manual to check the exact location of the blower fan, motor and casing. Once there, you will have to remove the blower fan. Do this by unscrewing the fan from its base, and then pulling it out through the access panel. You can then take out the motor. You may need to detach the motor wires using your pliers.

Step 3 - Removing the Casing

Next, you will need to remove the casing. It is a good idea to dust around the casing before taking it out of the heater, because it can gather a great deal of dust. Unscrew this as necessary, following the instructions in your fireplace manual. Lay it out on the floor, and dust the inside of the heater using your paint brush.

Step 4 - Fitting the New Blower

Remove the new blower from its packaging, and fit the casing pieces together. Put into the heater, and screw in to place, making sure that the wires for the new blower motor are accessible. You should then take the motor, and fit this on the casing. You should use your pliers to push the wires into the new blower motor, following the directions supplied with your new device. Once this has been fitted, add the fan, and screw that down on top of the motor. You should then turn on your heater, and allow the blower to start up. Check that all the pieces are working properly, then turn off the heater and close the access panel. Restart the pilot light, and you are ready to use your heater.