How to Replace a Gazebo Top

What You'll Need
Canvas or sail cloth
Strong sharp shears
Metal grommets with washers
Grommet anvil and punch
Grommet hole cutter
Wooden block
Plastic zip ties (optional)

Gazebos are a very popular structure for adding architectural style and shady areas to your property. Frequently the gazebo top is the weak link in the structure. The canvas or vinyl top is very susceptible to wear and damage from the elements, which can be sustained in a short period of time. Water can pool on the canvas, causing it to sag while the wind will catch the damaged top and tear it apart in no time.

As the homeowner, you can purchase a new gazebo top from the manufacturer and probably have to keep replacing it on a regular basis or you can make a sturdier top that will last much longer. This article will discuss how to create an improved top for your gazebo.

Step 1 – Preparation

Decide how much canvas you need for the gazebo top and cut it to size using the canvas shears. Mark the locations for the grommets with the pencil and prepare to make the holes for the grommets.

Step 2 – Installing the Grommets

Place the canvas on top of the wooden block at the location where you will install the first grommet. Set the grommet hole cutter on the mark and firmly hit it with your hammer. Use just enough force to make a hole.

Place the grommet anvil under the hole and set the bottom of the grommet in the cup of the anvil. Place a washer on top of the grommet. Put the rest of the grommet assembly on top of the canvas and set the grommet punch into the grommet tube and tap it with the hammer. Use enough force to securely set the grommet to the canvas.

Repeat this procedure for the remaining grommets on the gazebo top.

Step 3 - Installing the Canvas Top

Set the gazebo top on top of the gazebo and center it where you want it. You can use the plastic zip ties to hold the canvas in place until you can permanently secure it with rope.

Tie one end of your rope to one of the upper supports of the gazebo and thread the rope through the first grommet and back around the gazebo supports. Continue lacing the rope through the grommets and over the gazebo supports until you have completely attached the gazebo top.

You can remove the plastic zip ties or if you want additional support, snug them up to keep them in place.

This new canvas gazebo top should last quite a bit longer than the standard top and will provide many years of protection and pleasure for your gazebo.

Tips and Warnings

  • Canvas tops come in many colors and patterns to add different looks to your gazebo.
  • For added strength, you can fold the edges of the canvas top and sew a hem around the perimeter.
  • Be careful when using the canvas shears and grommet cutting devices. These are all extremely sharp.