How to Replace a Glass Cooktop on Kitchenaid Ranges

A glass cooktop.
What You'll Need
Gloves with rubber grips
Replacement glass cooktop
Safety glasses
A helper

Let's face it, glass breaks. Some Kitchenaid ranges come with beautiful glass cooktops. If you have the unfortunate luck of finding a crack in yours or dropping something on it that shatters it, then don't despair. You can purchase a new glass cooktop and replace it yourself.

Step 1 - Find a Replacement Kitchenaid Cooktop

When looking to purchase a replacement cooktop for any range, try shopping around for the best price. When you look only at the manufacturer's web site you may be paying mark-up prices that can double or triple the cost. There are many OEM and retail stores that will carry the same cooktop that you are looking for at a much lower cost. It pays to shop around.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Glass Cooktop

Unplug your range from the power outlet. Open the oven door and at the top of the opening, there should be a couple of screws that hold the cooktop securely to the range. Remove the screws. When you are sure all the screws are out, put on your gloves and lift the front of the top assembly. The back is mounted by hinges. When you lift the front high enough the back will come loose and easily disconnect from the range by pinching the hinges and pulling forward the entire assembly. The burners will remain on the cross braces when the top is removed. They will also need to be taken out. After they are removed, pull the entire top off. Be very careful when you remove the broken cooktop so the cracked or broken glass does not fall into pieces. Dispose of the broken cooktop. Sometimes the manufacturer will give you a break on the purchase price of the new item if you return the old broken item to be refurbished.

Step 3 - Install the New Glass Cooktop

Reverse the process when you put the new cooktop into your range. Plug in the wires. Hold the cooktop at an angle to the rear, ensuring that any electrical wires are free from being trapped in the installation. Slowly rotate the cooktop back into position, screw the front screws back in, and you are done. Plug in the range and turn on the range and ensure that all the cooktop burners come on.

Step 4 - Finish

If your manufacturer does have a core return policy on replacement parts, you can take the broken cooktop and put it in the box the new one came in. Contact the manufacturer and get an RMA number. Clearly place the sender and receiver's address and department on the outside of the box, write the RMA number on the mailing label and the box itself. Ship the broken part back to the manufacturer. Sometimes there are local repair service companies who will help you with the disposal or ship-back of the item.