How to Replace a Glass Window Pane

What You'll Need
New Glass Pane
Thin Scraper
Glazing Tool
Putty Knife
Needle Nose Pliers
Glazing Compound
Glazing Points

When it comes to replace a glass window pane there are only a few steps involved. A homeowner will be able to do this project without any problems using basic hand tools. Some people are intimidated when it comes to working with windows and glass panes. With the right tools, and a little bit of time, anyone can successfully replace a glass window pane without any problems.

Step 1: Measure Window for New Glass Pane

In order to replace the window glass pane you must have a piece ready to be installed. Measure the window (taking both the horizontal and vertical measurements) and take it to the local glazer's or glass shop. They will be able to cut a piece of glass that will fit your window frame.

Step 2: Remove Window Sash

Using a small pry bar remove the trim around the window. Lift out the window sash and take to a stable work area.

Step 3: Remove Trim Around Window Pane

Some wooden frames will have a small piece of wood to hold the window pane in. If this so for your window, use the putty knife to pry it up and remove it.

Step 4: Remove Glazing Compound

Use the putty knife and remove the glazing compound from around the perimeter of the window pane. It is important to remove all of it so the new compound will adhere correctly. Use some mineral spirits to soften up the harder compound, or a heating gun will also do the job so long as you are careful not the heat the glass to the point of shattering. Once the compound is removed, lift the old window pane out.

Step 5: Apply Compound to New Window Pane

Spread some glazing compound around the edges of the new window pane. Use the putty knife to spread it out evenly and uniformly.

Step 6: Install New Window Pane

Set the new glass window pane into the window frame and press firmly into place. Use even pressure along all of the edges to make sure a good bond is made. Set the glazing points into the joints every two inches to secure the pane in place.

Step 7: Apply More Glaze

Take some glazing compound in your hand and roll it into a very thin rope. Press this compound along the edges the window pane. Make sure it squeezes into the joint between the glass pane and wooden frame. Use a glazing tool to smooth it out and remove any excess. Hold the tool at a 45 degree angle and remove any compound that reaches higher than 1/4 inch on the window pane.

Step 8: Paint Glaze Compound

Use painter's tape to seal off the glass pane and then paint the glaze compound. Choose the same color as that of the frame. This is for aesthetic reasons only. It will help the glaze compound blend in with the surrounding frame so it is not noticed.

Step 9: Install Trim

If the wooden window you had to replace the glass window pane in had a small wood trim around the glass, then re-install this piece. You may need to fashion new ones if they were damaged when being removed.