How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter

furnace pipe and person holding a filter
What You'll Need
Replacement filter
Bucket of warm water

A heat pump filter is a vital component of your heat pump. It helps to keep dirt and debris from being discharged into your home. Heat pumps draw cool air into the device and distribute warm air within the house. Before the cool air is drawn into the pump, it is filtered to remove dust and debris. This helps to maintain cleaner air indoors. With time, the pump filter accumulates a lot of dirt and debris. This reduces the efficiency of your heater. It is best to change the filters regularly for better performance of the heat pump. This is a simple job that doesn’t take much time or effort, as outlined below.

Step 1 - Cut Power Supply

Turn off the power supply. Locate the electrical panel and turn off the circuit breaker. This helps to prevent electrocution while you work.

Step 2 - Locate the Access Door

This is usually found on one side of the pump. Examine the door. You may find that you can simply lift off the door from the hooks that secure it in place. Other heat pumps have the door secured with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the door. Place them in a safe place to allow easy retrieval later. Remove the access door and place it aside.

Step 3 - Remove the Filter

heat pump and air conditioning unit outside a building

Trace the blower compartment inside the heat pump. Check either below the blower or alongside for the filter. Remove the filter.

Step 4 - Note the Filter Specifications

Check the filter for details of the product. Write down the specifications in your notebook or take a picture with your cell phone. Take this along to the store with you. It will enable the salesperson get you a similar product that will fit properly in your pump.

Step 5 - Clean the Pump

Dip a rag into a bucket of warm water and wring it. Use the rag to wipe away dust and dirt inside the pump. Clean the outside of the pump as well. Rinse the rag several times as you wipe. This will ensure that you don’t spread dirt on your pump.

Step 6 - Install New Filter

Slide the new filter inside so that it takes the place of the old one. The airflow arrows on the filter should point towards the blower. Be sure to firmly attach the filter within its site in the blower compartment.

Step 7 - Replace the Access Door

man putting a filter into a furnace

Use a damp rag to clean both sides of the access door. You want to make sure that every part of the heat pump is well cleaned when it resumes operation. Attach the access door back onto the pump. If you removed screws, place them in the door. Secure the screws with a screwdriver.

Step 8 - Restore Power

Go to the main electrical panel and turn on the power. Switch the pump on. It should work efficiently, thanks to the change of filter. For optimal performance of your heat pump, it is best to replace your filters every three months.