How to Replace a Jalousie Window

What You'll Need
New jalousie window

If you have an old jalousie window, or crank window as it is otherwise known, then you may need to replace it with a new one. You can choose to replace it with a different type of window, or you can simply use a newer jalousie window. Fitting and installing the new window is not easy, and you may have to get a completely different type of window, so be prepared to cut out a larger window, or build up an old one, as well as having to replace the window as a whole. If you have some home improvement skills, you should be able to complete this project quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Window

The quickest way to replace the old window is simply to purchase an identical jalousie window, and fit the new one in the same place as the old one. In order to do this, you will still need to remove the old window. Remove the screws from around the edge of the window using your screwdriver. Remove the screws from the window, and keep them to one side. Once you do this, you should be able take off the frame out of the window. If there is caulk applied around the edge, you might need to lever off the frame using a screwdriver. Pull off the window frame so that you can get to the rest of the window pane.

Step 2 - Remove the Seal

Around the edge of the window pane, you will see a small layer of rubber or plastic. This is the seal around the window, and needs to be pulled off the glass before you replace it. Take off the seal by levering it up at the edge, so that you can hold it with your fingertips. Pull off the seal, and discard. You should then pry out the window pane, and place this to one side.

Step 3 - Add the New Window Pane

You should be able to fit the new window into the edge of the hole, and then add the seal around the outside. You may need to peel off the plastic around the seal, and position it against the edge of the pane. Site it on the edge of the window, and then push the pane into position.

Step 4 - Add the new Window Frame

Slot the window frame into position. The jalousie window usually has a metal frame which means that you will not need to use shims or levels to work out the correct angle. Instead, push it into position firmly, and then apply screws to the holes in the frame. Tighten these by hand, and then screw them tightly into position. If there are significant gaps around the edge of the window, you may consider adding some caulk to the surrounding spaces.