How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Sprayer Hose

kitchen sink spray gun
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
Plumbers wrench
Plumbers tape
Gasket (if needed)
New sprayer assembly (if needed)

A kitchen sink sprayer hose makes doing dishes and cleaning your sink easier. It's a great convenience, but if it not working properly, it can be annoying. Common problems are a sprayer lever that is hard to push down, too little water coming out of the sprayer, whistling noises, and leaks. All of these problems can be easily fixed.

Step 1 - Remove Sediment

If you sprayer seems to be clogged, causing low flow, then you may have sediment buildup in the nozzle. Buy a calcium, lime, and rust remover to remove the buildup. Following the product directions, add hot water in a glass container. Put the spray head in the container and let it soak in the solution for the time the product recommends. Rinse with hot water. Test the sprayer.

Step 2 - Fix a Nozzle Leak

Check the sprayer nozzle for leaks. A leak may be the result of a damaged gasket in the sprayer. These gaskets tend to harden or deteriorate over time.

Step 3 - Replace the Gasket

Loosen the spray nozzle and take it apart. Take the gasket with you to the store and you will be able to match it up with a new one. Put in a new gasket. Screw it back together. Turn on the water and test the spray to see if it is still leaking.

flexible sink hose

Step 4 - Fix the Connection

If you see a leak where the sprayer hose is connected to the water pipe, then you can take apart the connector and wipe it down. Put a length of plumber’s tape around the spray hose connector and screw it back together and tighten to secure it. Turn on the water and inspect the connection to see if the leak if resolved.

Step 5 - Turn off the Water

If neither of the above steps resolves your sprayer problem, then you may need to just replace the sprayer unit. Turn the water valve under the sink clockwise to shut off the water supply. Turn on the water at the faucet to clear water from the line.

Step 6 - Connect the New Sprayer

Take the water supply hose off of the faucet assembly. Then, remove the hose for the sprayer. Thread the line through the sprayer hole in the sink. To secure the connection, put plumber’s tape on the water supply nut threads and then put on the new sprayer hose. At the other end of the hose (above the sink), install the new sprayer.

Step 7 - Test the Spray

Once the connection is secure, turn on the water supply valve under the sink. Turn on the water and test the sprayer. Look at each connect and be sure you have no leaks and that the sprayer works properly.

You sprayer should be working well by now, and you have saved a plumber’s bill and gained the confidence to do more repairs in your home.