How to Replace a Lawn Edger Belt

What You'll Need
New Belt

A lawn edger is a great power tool that gives a homeowner the ability to create perfectly manicured edges that show a defined space between lawn and any other surface such as a driveway, planter, sidewalk, or patio to name a few. The lawn edger is very easy to use and can either be gas powered or electric. A gas powered lawn edger has a drive belt which spins the edger blade as it operates. Through the course of normal wear and tear, the drive belt will need to be replaced. Here are the steps to do that quickly and easily.

Step 1: Remove Spark Plug Wire

The first step to replacing the lawn edger drive belt is to remove the spark plug wire. While working around the blade part of the edger you want to make sure that there is no chance the tool will start. Pull back the rubber boot that holds the wire to the spark plug. Continue to pull on the boot until it is removed. Make sure not to pull the wire contact from inside the boot off in the process.

Step 2: Drain Gas And Oil

In order to get to the lawn edger belt you will need to turn the tool in an angle where the motor is lower than the rest of it. This can cause the gas or oil to run out onto your floor or work surface. Open the containers and drain out any gas and oil that is in the tool at the time. Simply drain into a clean bucket and take it to a specified location where authorities can dispose of it. You can pay a heavy fine for throwing away used gas and oil improperly.

Step 3: Remove Belt Guard

Using your screwdriver remove the screws that are holding the belt guard in place. There is usually only three to four screws depending on the manufacturer of the lawn edger. Once the guard has been removed you will have access to the blade and the belt.

Step 4: Check Blade Condition

With access to the blade, take the time to check its condition. If the blade needs to be sharpened, do so while you have the guard removed.

Step 5: Remove Lawn Edger Belt

Push in on the blade assembly to release the tension on the drive belt. Take a mental note of how the belt is looped around the engine pulley and the drive pulley. The new belt will need to go on the same way. Remove the belt and set it aside.

Step 6: Install New Belt

In the reverse order that you removed the old belt, wind the new one onto the lawn edger. Push in on the blade assembly again to release tension in order to loop the belt around the engine and drive pulleys.

Step 7: Re-Install Belt Guard

Set the belt guard back into position and secure it with the screws that held it in place.

Step 8: Fill Gas and Oil Tanks

Stand the lawn edger back into an upright position and refill the gas and the oil tanks. Make sure to use new gas and oil to ensure there is no small particles that can make their way into the engine. Replace the spark plug wire and you are ready to edge your lawn again.