How to Replace a Leaking Shower Faucet Diverter

What You'll Need

If you use a shower faucet diverter in your bathroom, then you will want a quick repair if it starts to leak. Shower driverters are used to decide if the water flows to the bathtub, or to the shower, and so if there is a problem inside the diverter, you may find that you experience leaks. This could include problems such as the bathtub running while the shower is being used, or vise versa. These problems need to be fixed before you lose money on water bills because of this leak. Often it is just a simple problem which can be solved in a matter of minutes, although there may also be other problems which you need to resolve at the same time.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water Supply

The first step in any repair on your bathroom is to turn off the water supply. With the shower diverter, you should turn off the main water supply, rather than the supply valve to your shower, as you could still have water leaking into your diverter as you are attempting the repair. Go to your mains water supply valve, and turn it off using your wrench, or your mains water key if you have one. Once you have turned off this valve, run the taps to empty the bathroom of any remaining water.

Step 2 - Removing the Diverter Handle

You can begin by taking off the cap on the front of your shower fauctet diverter handle. There is normally a flat metal disc on the inside which can be popped open using your flat-head screwdriver. Once this disc has been removed, you may be able to see a screw behind the cap. This holds the diverter handle in place. Unscrew this, and then take the handle off by simply pulling it towards you.

Step 3 - Viewing the Washer

Once this has been done, take off your escutcheon plate by taking off the screws, and then prising it off using your screwdriver head. Be careful not to bend this plate, as it can defend your internal shower devices, and electricity supply, from the water in the bathroom. Take off the large bonnet nut behind the plate, and then use the wrench to take off the diverter's stem. You will then be able to see the washers.

Step 4 - Replacing the Washer

Most often, all that needs to happen is that you will have to replace the washer in your diverter valve. Put a new washer back into the stem valve, and then screw the stem back into place. Once the washer is in position, you can then restore the bonnet nut, and the escutcheon plate. You may need to add a new layer of caulk to the plate to keep it watertight. Then replace the screws, and restore the handle to the right position. Screw it all back into place, and test the diverter valve to ensure that it is no longer leaking.