How to Replace a Metal Window Well

What You'll Need
Caulking Gun
Silicone Caulking
Spray Insulation
Cement Filler
Pry Bar
New Metal Window Well

Most of the metal window wells are made from thin galvanized metal which is framed into an easy-to-use shape for placing in a basement egress windows. They are crafted with grooves already formed into the metal where the window should be positioned to make installing the window much easier. Sometimes the metal window well needs to be replaced because of damage because you are installing a larger window. The process require attention to detail in order to properly waterproof the window. Follow these steps to replace a metal basement window well.

Step 1 - Remove Window from Metal Window Well

Replacing the metal window well require that you remove the existing window. Do so easily by removing some screws and scraping away the caulking that forms the weathertight seal. If you are replacing the metal well with one of the same size, you will be able to reuse the window. Set the window aside in a safe place.

Step 2 - Remove Old Metal Window Well

Removing the existing metal window well by unscrewing the masonry screws, or prying up the nails which hold it in position. Once the metal window well is removed from the cavity in the basement wall, scrape away the remaining insulation and caulking.

Step 3 - Prepare Window Cavity

Before setting the new window well into place, check the window cavity for damage. If there are large chunks of concrete missing, fill it with cement filler. Cement filler is readily available at most home repair stores. Let the filler dry before doing any work with the metal window well.

Step 4 - Caulk Perimeter of the Window Cavity

The metal window well should have a lip which overhangs the outside of the concrete window cavity. You should apply caulking around the edge of the window cavity. Use a caulking gun and place a fairly large bead of caulk around the perimeter to create a waterproof seal.

Step 5 - Set Metal Window Well Into Position

Once the caulking has been applied around the window cavity, place the window well into position. To do so easily, tilt the window well towards you with the bottom into position, then slide it into the opening. The metal window well should not be tight, just a little loose.

Step 6 - Center Into Position and Secure

Once the metal window well is in the window cavity, center it and secure it with masonry screws. Dab Loctite adhesive onto the screw and drive it into the concrete walls.

Step 7 - Weather Proof Window Well

Apply spray insulation around the interior perimeter of the window well and fill the gaps. The insulation will expand once it is sprayed, so do not overspray.

Step 8 - Set Window into Place

With the metal window well in position and secure, you can then replace the window.