How to Replace a Miter Saw Blade How to Replace a Miter Saw Blade

What You'll Need
Allen Wrench

You can tell that it is time to change your miter saw blade if there is excessive chipping or burn marks on the material. Changing a miter saw blade is fairly easy. You can change your miter saw blade with a couple of tools and a few minutes. Make sure to consult your owners manual to ensure that you purchase the correct type of blade for your miter saw. By regularly changing the blade, you can ensure that your miter saw produces clean and even cuts every time that you use it.            


Step 1: Removing The Blade Guard      

Begin by making sure that your miter saw is removed from the electrical outlet. Be sure that you have unplugged the correct power tool by squeezing the trigger a few times. Next, loosen the screw that holds the blade guard in place, and using  your hand, move the blade guard up and out of your way.             

After doing that,you will need to  press the miter saw's spindle lock to keep the blade secure. Make sure that the lock is secure when doing this. The lock is located in either the front, or the rear, of the saw housing and will be a little black button. When you have the blade locked, the black button will sink all the way down.

Step 2: Removing The Blade  

Use an Allen wrench, and turn the bolt that connects the blade to the saw in a clockwise direction until it is loosened. Then remove the blades outer washer. You can do this with your fingers. You will need to leave the inner washer in place.

Step 3: Replacing The Blade                                                                                                          

Before replacing your miter saw blade, make sure that you consult your owners manual and follow manufacturer instructions for your miter saw, as they do very slightly amongst brands.

Use a washcloth and wipe small drops of oil on the inner and outer washers that touch the miter saws blade. This provides lubrication for the saw. Lubricating your saw will keep it working properly.

Always install the blade with the teeth facing down. Improper installation of the miter saw blade can result in serious injury. After installing the miter saw blade, put the outer washer back on. Tighten it with your fingers. Then refasten the bolt by tightening it in a counterclockwise direction with your allen wrench. Make sure that the blade is tight as to avoid injuries. Using your screwdriver, reattach and lower the blade guard on your miter saw.        

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