How to Replace a Mobile Home Oil Furnace

What You'll Need
New oil furnace
Concrete or fireproof boards(to providefloor and wall protection)
Face mask
Old rags or towels
Drill with screw driver bit
An assistant

If your mobile home oil furnace requires replacement, you will find that the most important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have a compatible blower on the new unit or you must change out the duct work. This is the only way that your new furnace will be able to work properly. Once you have been made aware of this, you will be able to move on into replacing the oil furnace as you normally would.

Step 1 - Purchase a New Furnace

The type of furnace you will need to purchase will usually depend on the size of the room in your mobile home where it is to be installed. However, you should always choose a furnace that can adequately heat all of the rooms in your mobile home. Generally speaking, if you take the specification information from your old oil furnace, the dealer or home improvement store can recommend a good replacement.

Step 2 – Safety First

Replacing your mobile home's old oil furnace is not a very easy job, and it will require that you pay a lot of attention to detail in order to prevent a fire. Before you begin replacing your furnace, ensure that the power is off and that you switch the breaker at the main box to the oil furnace to the "Off" position as well. Always wear protective clothing and use a face mask to protect yourself from dust and soot that can build up in your furnace area. Also, before you begin, ensure that the tank of the furnace is completely empty and there is no oil in it.

Step 3 – Remove the Furnace Stove Pipe

Depending on how the furnace stove pipe is attached to the heater unit, you'll need to remove it with either a screwdriver or a wrench. First, remove the exhaust outlet joints that attach it to the furnace stove pipe. Once this is done, use an old rag to clean soot and grime away from the pipe. Use caution when handling the pipe as it can be easily bent or disfigured. Make sure you wear gloves because the sharp metal edges can cause nasty cuts quite easily.

Step 4 – Remove the Oil Furnace

Your mobile home's oil furnace will probably be bolted to the floor or screwed in place. Use a drill or wrench to assist in removing the bolts or screws. Once you have removed the bolts from the oil furnace, be sure to get a few friends to assist you in removing the furnace. In most cases, the oil furnished will be much too heavy for you to move by yourself.

Step 5 – Installing the New Oil Furnace

Installing your new oil furnace is basically the same process as removing the old one, except in reverse. Therefore, have someone help you set the new oil furnace in place, and then bolt or screw it to the floor. However, you may want to consider installing new fire boards on the walls and floor where the oil furnace will be installed. Once you have the new oil furnace bolted in, simply reattach the exhaust pipe and make sure that it is secure.

Step 6 - Fill the New Furnace with Oil

Fill the new furnace with heating oil.