How to Replace a Motorcycle Muffler

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-250
What You'll Need
New muffler
Nuts and bolts
Motorcycle lift
Motor cleaner
Working gloves

The motorcycle muffler reduces the amount of noise from the engine. When the muffler breaks down, the sound from your engine can become loud and bothersome. To get rid of the irritating sound from your motorcycle engine, you need to replace the muffler from time to time. To change your motorcycle muffler, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Put the Motorcycle in Proper Position

Use a car lift or a ramp to raise your motorcycle. Make sure that the motorcycle is in a stable position before you start working to avoid accidents.

Step 2 – Locate the Muffler and Remove the Bolts Holding it in Place

The motorcycle muffler is located near the exhaust system. To remove the muffler, undo the bolts that are holding the muffler in place. Most motorcycle mufflers are held in place by muffler hangers so you need to loosen up the bolts on the hanger as well. If the bolts are stuck in their places, spray them with lubricant then use your wrench to tap the head of the bolts a few times. Tapping the bolts will help dislodge grime, corrosion and dirt from the bolts so it will be easier for you to remove them. Badly corroded bolts can be quite stubborn to remove. If this is the case, put lubricant on the bolts and let it stand for about 24 hours. Leaving the lubricant on for extended periods will help loosen up the corrosion.

Step 3 – Remove the Old Muffler

To reach the old muffler and remove it completely, you may need to raise your motorcycle a bit more. Use a floor jack to raise the motorcycle and then stabilize it. Once the motorcycle is in a stable position, use your wrench to remove the old muffler. The gaskets sealing the exhaust section should fall away on its own as soon as you remove the old muffler. However, if the gaskets are stuck in place, you may remove the gaskets with your gloved hands.

Step 4 – Clean the Muffler Hanger

After removing the old muffler, use motor cleanser to clean the area. Do not use soap and water to clean off the grime and dirt. To remove stubborn dirt and grime in hard to reach areas, use the tip of your screwdriver. After cleaning the muffler hanger, apply lubricant.

Step 5 – Install the New Muffler

Place gaskets in between the exhaust section and the muffler. Align the new muffler with the hanger and then raise it carefully so it reaches the motorcycle exhaust. Use new bolts and nuts to fasten the muffler in place. Tighten the bolts properly using your wrench and make sure that everything fits snugly.

Step 6 – Lower the Motorcycle to the Floor

After installing the new muffler, lower the motorcycle back to the floor.

Step 7 – Test the New Muffler

Turn on the engine of your motorcycle to test the new muffler.