How to Replace a Patio Door How to Replace a Patio Door

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Reciprocating saw
Pry bar

A patio door is a great thing, making easy access to the outdoors and bringing more light into the home. There will come a time, however, when the patio door needs to be replaced. It’s not an easy job, but it’s one that can be done without employing a professional. Expect it to take a full day longer if you run into problems.

Step 1 - Remove Sliding Door

To begin removing the patio door, first take out the sliding glass door. To accomplish this, take out the stile cover then slide the door partly open, then pull down and toward you. This will remove it from the upper track, and you can lift it from the lower track. Remove the interior trim from the door with a pry bar.

Step 2 - Stationary Door

The stationary door is secured in place by brackets. Unscrew and remove these and then use the utility knife to cut through the caulk seals. With the pry bar, ease the door away from the frame at the top and bottom and then tip it inside and lift it out of the track.

Step 3 - Removing Frame

Take off the patio door exterior trim with the pry bar. Now you can fully access the patio door frame to remove it. It’s held in place by screws that go into the wood frame. Where these can’t be unscrewed, cut through with a reciprocating saw and pull out the frame.

Step 4 - New Frame

Before putting in the new frame, ensure that the sill is level and that the corners of the gap for the frame are square. Use shims on the sill where needed. Before easing in the new frame, put caulk where the sill will sit to prevent moisture seeping in. Once the frame has been fitted, screw it in place using the holes in the frame. Check once again that the door is square in the frame. This is vital before you begin to fit the doors.

Step 5 - Fitting Stationary Door

Put the base of the stationary door in the track and then push the top of the door into position. Screw the brackets that secure it into place and use caulk to give a stronger seal and prevent moisture coming through.

Step 6 - Sliding Door

Place the sliding glass door on the lower track and then push up to fit it on the upper track. Put on the new stile cover. At this point you’ll have to adjust the roller height. To do this, open the door slightly. You want to be certain that the gap between the door and the patio door jamb is the same at both top and bottom.

Step 7 - Finishing

You might choose to put caulk all around the frame at this point. Once that’s done, complete the installation of the new patio door by replacing both the interior and exterior trim.

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