How to Replace a Paver Light

What You'll Need
Lawn edger tool, hand shovel
Utility knife
Wire cutter
Replacement parts: top covers, light bulbs, complete paver lights
Paver lighting layout plan
Safety items: rubber-soled shoes, waterproof flashlight, work gloves

A paver light system will add subdued light to your landscape at night, and render winding pathways and sets of steps on your paver patios safe and easy to walk along. When a paver light goes out due to bulb exhaustion or accidental breakage, you can replace the paver light fixture or just the bulb itself by following these directions.

Step 1 - Determine Cause of Outage

There can be several possible causes of a paver light stoppage.

  • Carefully dig out the paver light and examine it to check if the top is broken.
  • If the translucent top lid is intact, open it and check the bulb with the lighting system turned on. If power is coming to the light but it is not illuminating, bulb loosening or burnout is the most likely problem.
  • If, when you pull up the paver light, one or more of the other paver lights goes out, you may have a circuit problem.
  • Be prepared to excavate more lights in that strand to find the exact spot where the circuit is no longer complete.
  • Since standard-sized 4-by-8 inch paver lights come in strands of 8 or 14 lights apiece, you may not need to excavate the entire power lighting system for your pavers to ascertain and fix the problem.

Step 2 - Perform Corrective Action on the Paver Light System

  • If the translucent top cover of one paver light is broken, dig up that paver light carefully and replace the top cover.
  • Test to see if the bulb lights up with the cover restored.
  • If the top cover is intact, dig up the paver light and open the translucent top cover carefully to check the light bulb.
  • Tighten the paver light bulb in the socket to see if it comes on again. If not, remove the bulb and examine it for a burnt-out filament.
  • Replace the light bulb with a fresh one, and reinsert the paver light in the ground.
  • If the light still does not come on, you will need to replace the entire paver light box.

Step 3 - Detach and Replace the Paver Light Box

  • Turn off the power to the paver lights and unplug the transformer.
  • Carefully dig out the wires attaching the damaged paver light box to the light strand.
  • Check the connectors that join the paver light box to the circuit for water damage, stripped insulation or other faults.
  • If they seem to be in working order, unplug the connectors and detach the non-functioning paver light box from the circuit.
  • Attach a new paver light box to the connectors, insert a light bulb, and test the new paver light by plugging in the transformer and turning on the power to the light strand.
  • If the new paver light illuminates, you can relodge it in the ground, and bury the wires as they were before.