How to Replace a Pellet Stove Igniter

What You'll Need
Pellet stove igniter
Working gloves
Working overalls
Wrenches, screwdrivers, a pair of pliers

A pellet stove can be used as an alternative method of heating homes. They support low cost heating which makes them affordable and easy to use. Small pellets manufactured from corn, saw dust and wood shavings are used as fuel. This makes them environmentally friendly as they consume less fuel and conserve energy too.

Step 1 – Buy Pellet Stove Igniter

There are different models of pellet stoves. Keep this in mind when getting a new igniter, consider the size and electrical capacity e.g. voltage and current capacity. Buy a quality device as they guarantee long service and work effectively as well.

Step 2 – Disassemble Pellet Stove

Depending on the model of the stove, examine how it is connected before removing its components to access the igniter. Make sure that the stove is cold before working on it and unplug it from electricity supply to prevent injuries.

Remove the hopper lid by using screwdriver to remove screws located on the right side of the stove. Place them in a safe position.Disconnect the two wires on the convection blower.

Use a nutdriver to loosen nuts located on the right side of the convection blower. Dismount the nuts and locate and remove the stud bracket. This removes all connections that hold the blower in place. Remove the blower by carefully rotating it from its position. Make sure not to interfere with the wiring found here.

Removing the convectional blower exposes the igniter. Remove the screw using a screwdriver and dismount the igniter.

Step 3 – Clean the Pellet Stove

If there is any residue, ashes or debris in the stove use a clean brush to wipe them away. Use a piece of rug to remove dust, collect the waste and dispose of them safely.

Step 4 – Replace Stove Igniter

Carefully place the new igniter in position. Use screws and a screwdriver to fasten it in position. Inspect electrical connection on the igniter. Use a multimeter to test the two wires connected to the igniter. Replace the convection blower in its compartment and re-connect the wiring. Use the correct screws to fasten it in position.

Step 5 – Reassemble the Stove

Make sure that all components are fixed properly on the pellet stove and they are in good condition. Fix the right side hopper lid and fasten it using screws. Test the condition of the new igniter by plugging the stove to power supply. Put some pellets in the appliance and turn on the switch. Confirm that the igniter is working by checking if it has an effect on the burnpot, it should begin to glow red.


  • Pellet stoves can be complicated in terms of design and construction. Look for an easy to use appliances when buying one.