How to Replace a Pool Vacuum Gauge

What You'll Need
Replacement pressure gauge

A pool vacuum gauge is designed to determine the amount of pressure that the vacuum is using as it cleans your pool. If you are having trouble maintaining your pool because the vacuum is too weak to do the job properly, you need to check that the pool vacuum pressure gauge is working. The inappropriate amount of pressure on your pool vacuum can cause the machine to stop functioning, and may even make it break down. In order to make sure that your vacuum has the right amount of pressure—about 1 inch of vacuum for each section of hose, you may have to completely replace the pool vacuum gauge.

Step 1 -  Remove the Old Pressure Gauge

First, locate the old pressure gauge on your vacuum. The placement of this piece will depend on the make of pool vacuum that you are using, so it may be either connected to the vacuum via tubing and be on the outside, or you may find it on the inside of your vacuum. Since you have a replacement pressure gauge, you should be able to recognize it easily. If not, remove the lid of your vacuum and inspect the inside. Once you have found what you are looking for, you should remove the tubing, either by simply pulling it off with some pliers, or by unscrewing it from the tube using a socket wrench. Mark the tubing to show where it came from. Once the old pressure gauge is free of the tubes, you can unscrew it from the mount and pull it free of the vacuum. Discard it into the trash.

Step 2 - Add the New Pressure Gauge

Place the new pressure gauge to the side of the vacuum and attach the tubes. Turn the vacuum on to make sure that the gauge is working before you install it. Once satisfied, remove the tubing and install the gauge into the mount. Using your screwdriver, screw the gauge into the mount in the same position as the previous one. Check to make sure that it is securely mounted, so that it will not be shaken loose by the amount of pressure coming from the tubing. 

Step 3 - Attach the Tubing

With the pressure gauge in place, you can reattach the tubing. Make sure that the tubing is not bent or twisted over in any location. Take the first piece of tubing and attach it to the base of the pressure gauge. Make sure that it is tightly in place, screwing it in using the socket wrench if necessary. You can then install the second tube, doing the same for this piece. When you have fitted both tubes, shut the vacuum and plug it into the wall. Make sure that it is running correctly, and then use it in the pool.