How to Replace a Pop-up Tub Drain

What You'll Need
Pop up Drain Assembly
Caulking compound
Basin wrench

Replacing a pop-up tub drain does not involve a lot of hard labor and can be done by following a few easy instructions. If you have all the tools at hand, you can get it done within an hour.

Step 1-Prepare the Work Area

Cover the inside of the tub with an old sheet or tarp. This way, even if you do drop a tool while working, you are not left with ugly scratches or cracks. Keep the room dry and also keep the tools and materials within reach. Also keep some old towels or rags handy, to wipe off accidental water spillage.

Step 2-Removing the Bathtub Stopper

Remove the bath tub stopper. The stopper is at the base of the drain. The stopper should be in the ‘up position’ or at its highest position. You can simply pull it out or twist it and lift it out.  

Step 3-Remove the Assembly

Once the stopper is removed, gently shift the assembly around and carefully remove it from the drain. It may need a bit of persistent effort and may be difficult if the drain is clogged. Unclog the drain before easing it out. You can also use a clog remover or flush plenty of water to unclog it.

Step 4-Remove the Cover Plate

Remove the cover plate from the overflow drain. Unscrew the screws of the cover plate and remove the trip lever and its linkage. If you find the linkage is intact, it will not need to be replaced and can simple be re-attached

Step 5-Placing the New Pop-Up Drain

Assemble the new pop-up drain to the lever and the cover plate that you just eased out. Gently slide the linkage through the drain, working the pieces carefully around the bend, till you clearly see the linkage of the new assembly through the drain of the bathtub.

Step 6-Connecting the Drain Plug

The linkage assembly must now be connected to the drain plug. Once this is done, place it into the drain by wiggling it gently. Screw the cover plate back into position and test the lever to verify if the new assembly works.

Step 7-Caulking the Assembly

To render the new assembly water tight and cemented strongly in position, use caulking compound to seal the area around the overflow drain and the bathtub drain. Remember to wipe away the excess caulking compound after use.

The procedure for bathtub drain replacement is an easy job you can do on your own. This is a minor plumbing issue and fixing it does not require a trained professional's help. Be certain to clean the drain periodically to avoid hair becoming stuck inside in it. Look for drain cleaning solutions you can pour down the drain for this purpose.