How to Replace a Quarry Floor Tile Part 2 How to Replace a Quarry Floor Tile Part 2

Now that you have removed the damaged quarry floor tile from your floor, you will be ready to move on with the project. Now you will need to install a new tile in its place so that you can utilize your floor again. Here are the basics of how to finish the job of replacing a quarry floor tile. (This is Part 2 of 2. To return to Part 1, click here.)

Step 1--Apply Adhesive

In order to install the new tile, you will need to apply adhesive to the back. There are two different types of adhesive that you could potentially use for this project. You could use mastic that is already mixed and in a bucket. You can also use thinset that you will have to mix up on your own. Both adhesives should work fine but most people will prefer to use mastic because it is already mixed and ready to go. Take a trowel and apply some of the adhesive to the back of the tile. Use a trowel to smooth out the adhesive and you should see some grooves across the tile in the adhesive.

Step 2--Insert the Tile

Now that you have covered the back of the tile in adhesive, you are ready to insert it into the hole. Hold the tile on the edges and carefully place it into the opening. Make sure not to get any of the adhesive on any of the surrounding tiles. Press the tile firmly down into the ground so that it will adhere properly. Take a level and set it on top of the tile. You need to make sure that this tile is level with the rest of the floor. If it is not level, pushed down on one of the sides or corners until it is level.

Step 3--Allow to Dry

You will then need to allow the adhesive time to dry. Most of the time, you should wait until the next day to move on with the process. Some adhesive is are designed to dry faster than others. If you have a quick drying adhesive, you could potentially move on with the project in a few hours.

Step 4--Grout

Once you have allowed the adhesive to dry, you can then move onto grouting. You could purchase grout that is premixed and in a bucket or you can mix it up yourself. Take a trowel or a grout float and apply grout to the joints between the tiles. Make sure that you apply the grout evenly to the joints and that the entire joint is full of grout.

Step 5--Clean Up

After you have grouted the floor, you will need to clean up. Take a sponge and some water and wipe down the surface of the tile. You need to remove all of the excess grout from the top of the tile. Go over the grout lines with your sponge and this will help smooth them out. You need to allow the grout to dry overnight before walking on the floor again.

Step 6--Seal

You should then apply a tile sealer to the top of the quarry tile. This will help you prevent staining in the future.

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