How to Replace a Rear View Mirror

What You'll Need
Rear View Mirror Replacement
Putty knife or razor
Allen wrench

The rear view mirror is a vital part of a car because this is what the driver uses to get a better view of what is going on behind the car when driving. This car accessory is positioned at the windshield area and is secured with a special adhesive. Adhesives such as glue can dry and loosen its hold on the windshield. When the rear view mirror’s grasp on the windshield loosens up, you can either repair or replace your rear view mirror. A rear view mirror repair kit is available at car parts store that contains the materials needed for the repair. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to replace a rear view mirror.

Step 1-Detaching Wiring Connections

Detach any wiring connections to the rear view mirror. Pull out the tabs from the harness to guarantee that the connector is separated from the harness.

Step 2-Loosening the Mirror

Remove the rear view mirror from its support. Using an Allen wrench, undo the screws. By this point, the rear view mirror will easily come off. A metal button will be seen protruding by the windshield.

Step 3-Marking the Button for the Reinstallation

Using a crayon to trace the mark left by the metal button because this will be the spot where the rear view mirror will be reinstalled.

Step 4-Removing the Metal Button

With the use of a putty knife, the metal button should be scraped off the windshield. This procedure should be done lightly to ensure that the windshield will not get damaged. When all the glue had been removed, this will make the button fall off automatically.

Step 5-Clean Rear View Mirror Area

The area where the rear view mirror is positioned must be wiped clean using alcohol to take out whatever dust or dirt is left. The metal button must also be cleaned with alcohol. Allow the cleaned areas to dry up.

Step 6-Applying the Activator Vial

An activator, which is in a vial, needs to be applied to the button. Once the vial is broken, the cotton swab contained in it will get soaked in fluid, which should be applied onto the button. Apply a small portion of glue onto the metal bottom so the two liquids are mixed.

Step 7-Gluing the Metal Button Back

The side of the metal button with the glue must be held on to rear view mirror’s position for a minute to allow it to stick to the windshield.  The button placed in its position must be allowed to sit on and dry for about an hour to make sure that it bonds securely with the windshield glass.

Step 8-Attaching Back the Rear View Mirror

Once the button is securely in place, attach the rear view mirror by sliding its back onto the button. 

Step 9-Securing the Mirror

Secure the mirror’s position by tightening the screw to the metal button. Any wires that need to be connected should be attached also.