How to Replace a Salt Water Pool Pump How to Replace a Salt Water Pool Pump

What You'll Need
Pipe wrenches (for 2 standard pipe)
Box wrenches for bolts and nuts
Salt chlorinator
Tape measure

Salt water pool pumps works similar to other pool pumps in that it sucks water in through an intake. After the water filters through the basket on the pump, it comes right back through the pump and into the pool again. With a salt water pool, the pump has a salt cell attached to it that produces the chlorine for the pool. If you have to replace your pump, it will need to be one that can be used with a salt system. You can use your existing pump also and install a salt chlorinator. The items you will need and a step-by-step guide is listed below.

Step 1 – Attaching the Pump and Water Line

Use bolts and nuts (usually 8) to attach the pump to the motor. The water line from the pool attaches to the pump’s suction side. A shut off valve needs to be placed on the pump’s suction side. Next, you will attach a line to the pump’s outlet side.

Step 2 – Connecting Filter and Valves

Connect the filter to the pump’s discharge line and then connect a back flush valve on the filter’s discharge side. This will clean the filter and divert water from the pool. Next, connect a shut off valve and the pipe that returns to the pool. Shut off valve enables equipment to be removed without the pool water being siphoned.

Step 3 – Adding Salt

Add salt into the pool. Be sure to measure the salt amount per gallon based on the pool size. The owner’s manual should provide this information, or you can take your own pool measurements. 

Step 4 – Attaching Salt Generator

Using screws and a drill, mount the salt generator on its brackets to the pool pump. There should be enough room left to mount control box beside the generator. Point the salt generator’s wires down.

Step 5 – Cut and Attach Hoses

Drill a hole in the pool pump’s return line, one in the plumbing PVC between the filter and the pump, and one after filter. These holes are for the system bypass hoses. The hose length will be cut as needed for 3 bypass areas. Use metal clamps to attach the hoses. Clamps should have come with the other materials.

Step 6 – Attaching the Control Box

To mount control box, the supply has to be wired to it. Connect the chlorine generator’s leads to control box. An automatic control system will typically supply the power. You will need to know if system will be designed to actually turn on when the pump turns on or to control pool pump.

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