How to Replace a Section of Cast Iron Pipe Part 2 How to Replace a Section of Cast Iron Pipe Part 2

What You'll Need
Pipe cutter
Tape Measure
Band coupling
Neoprene sleeves
PVC pipes
Plumber's Tape

In Part 1 of this guide to replacing part of a cast iron pipe, you learned how to cut out the old piece of cast iron pipe. In Part 2, you will learn how to measure and cut the PVC pipe, add a banded coupling and sleeve on the cast iron pipes, and how to place the neoprene sleeve onto the pipe so that it holds up. Once you are sure that you have got this done, you should be able to install it into the correct location for your pipe work. Fitting a PVC pipe onto the surface of an iron pipe requires some plumbing knowledge, but with the correct tools, you should be able to manage this task by yourself

Step 1 - Measure and Cut the Pipe

Lay out your PVC pipe onto the edge of a table, and then place the measuring tape around it. Cut the pipe so that you will be able to fit it into the ends of the cast iron pipe once you have attached the coupling and sleeve. The problem with installing the pipe in this way is that you will have to have enough room for all the additional pieces, so it is a good idea to cut the pipe to touch both sides of the pipe, and then trim half an inch of each side.

Step 2 - Add the Coupling

With the PVC pipe, add the coupling onto the end of each pipe. Ensure that it is fitted comfortably around the edges, and tehn turn the metal screw on each band so that it automatically tightens the band. You will be able to secure the coupling for each edge of the pipe in the same way. If you wish to, you can use some joint compound mixture in the edge of the coupling, which will form a seal with the pipe, and keep it secure.

Step 3 - Use the Neoprene Sleeve

Once you have fitted the coupling pieces on the edge of the PVC pipe, you can then install the neoprene sleeve onto the edge of the pipe. This sleeve will allow you to seal the gap between the PVC pipe and the iron pipe. These sleeves will allow you to insulate the pipe. Take out a sleeve which is around three quarters of an inch in width, as this will create a suitable insulation for your PVC pipe. Pull the sleeve over the coupling edge until it is secure in the middle. It should settle against the pipe quite tightly, and use the plumber's tape to secure to the edge of the pipe. If you choose to, you can also pull the sleeve over the future join between the cast iron pipe and the PVC pipe.

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