How to Replace a Shadow Box Hinge How to Replace a Shadow Box Hinge

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Replacement hinge

A shadow box is a great way of adding an accent to your home. If your shadow box has recently suffered an accident, and you need to replace the hinge, then you may be unsure how to proceed. Most shadow boxes consist of a glass top, which is held to a bottom with lighting, using a hinge system. This allows you to access the bottom of the box easily. Small paper shadow boxes can even have paper hinges, which are simply folds of ordinary paper. However, if you need to replace the hinge on a large wooden shadow box, this can be very heavy and awkward.

Step 1 - Remove the Damaged Parts

If you need to replace the hinge because the top of your box has become damaged, you will need to work on removing the pieces of wood or glass which have been broken or split. Remove any glass using safety gloves and goggles, and take care not to move too quickly while doing this. Have a bin in the vicinity so that you can place any broken parts into it without having to carry them too far. Once you have removed any damaged pieces you will be able to proceed in replacing the hinge.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Hinge

You will need to start removing the hinge by opening the top of the box. Support the weight of the box, either by placing it onto a flat surface, or by having a friend hold the box upwards. If you are doing this alone, then place the box on the floor and support the top of the shadow box using available lumber which is near to hand. This should be large enough to hold up the top flap once the hinge is removed. Take off the part which is connected to the top flap first, unscrewing any screws. If your hinge has rusted, you may need to use some rust removal liquid on the hinge first.

Step 3 - Replace the Hinge

Once you have remove the hinge from the top flap, unscrew the hinge from the bottom and discard the old part. You can now replace the hinge with a new one. Screw this into the top of the shadow box first, using marks from the old hinge as a guide to your position. Have your friend hold the top upwards at a 90 degree angle or prop it up with lumber. Align the top and bottom of your box as closely as possible and then screw into position. You should use one screw on each of the hinges to begin and then add screws once the box is properly aligned.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have placed the hinge back onto the shadow box, you can then repair any parts which had previously been damaged, and replace them as necessary. Use a clamp to hold the hinge in place while you are doing this, in order to keep the box in place.


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