How to Replace a Sidelight Window Pane How to Replace a Sidelight Window Pane

What You'll Need
Sand paper
Replacement glass
Putty knife
Glazed compound
Glaziers points
Tape measure
Paint brush

Replacing a sidelight window pane can be an easy task for anyone to do. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace a pane in your own sidelight window.

Step 1 - Remove Old Pane

Begin by removing the old, broken pane. You can begin with a putty knife and the screwdriver to try to remove all of the caulk and glaze. Use the pliers to pull off all of the glazier points, and then completely pull the window pane out.

Step 2 - Sand

Use a piece of sandpaper to sand the inside of the pane. Then, use a wet rag to wipe everything down and allow it to dry off before moving on.

Step 3 - Replace

Now, apply caulk on the inside of the window pane and be sure that it is clean and even. Then, place it back inside to secure it. Replace all of the glaziers points so that they can hold it in place, and use the compound to finish up around the edges and sides. Once you are finished, you can clean the window.


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