How to Replace a Single Handle Shower Faucet How to Replace a Single Handle Shower Faucet

What You'll Need
Pipe Cutter
Copper Pipe
New Faucet

A single handle shower faucet is a great fixture that makes regulating the water in your show, and tub, much easier. There are times when the single handle shower faucet stops working efficiently. If you have tried to clean the faucet already, and it still does not work properly, you will need to replace it. This type of project does involve some knowledge of plumbing and will typically take a few hours to complete. 

Step 1: Gain Access to Shower Fixtures

Many homes have an access panel behind the shower and tub area. This small area is usually a piece of wood that is screwed into position or some type of door. If there is no access panel, you will need to cut into the drywall behind the shower fixtures to get at the pipes and connections. Once you have access, shut off the water with the shut off valves or at the main supply. 

Step 2: Remove Faucet Handle

Looking at the handle, you will see a small cap in the middle. Pop this off with a screwdriver and then unscrew the handle with a Philips screwdriver. Pull the handle and pull out the retaining clip. Unscrew the metal tube. Once this is done, you will need to remove the trim from the faceplates and then unscrew the faceplate from the shower.

Step 3: Remove Shower Head

With a pair of pliers, unscrew the shower head and remove the trim around the pipe. 

Step 4: Cut Water Pipes

Move to the back of the shower area and cut the hot and cold water pipes leading to the faucet. Using a copper pipe cutter will make this a quick and very easy job. Use the cutters to cut the pipe about three inches above the faucet. Once the cuts are completed, you can then remove the old faucet.

Step 5: Install New Single Handle Shower Faucet

Hold the new faucet up in place. Check to make sure that it is going to line up with the water pipes. Measure the distance between the pipes and the faucet to determine the amount you will need. Cut the lengths of pipe that you need and connect to the faucet with solder. Put flux on both connections and press together. Heat up the connection with the torch and touch it with some solder. This will melt around the seam and make a watertight seal. Do this with the hot and cold water supply pipes, as well as the pipe going to shower head.

Step 6: Attach New Shower Head

Place the decorative plate over the water pipe for the shower head. Screw it into the wall. Place some Teflon tape of the threaded end and screw the shower head over it. 

Step 7: Attach New Handle

The single handle shower faucet will be completed with the installation of the new handle. You will need to lay a small bead of caulking on the backside of the faceplate. Press it onto the shower enclosure and set it straight. Slide the handle into position and secure with a screw. Pop insert to cover the screw onto handle. 

Step 8: Turn Water On

Turn on the water and check for any leaks. Close up the access panel, and you are finished.

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